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Hi guys!

I need some help with a powerflex 525 multi speed configuring.

I know I have to set the P046 parameter for 2 “DigIn TrmBlk” (source) and  P047 parameter for 7 which means present frequency. This is the speed reference.

I need 3 speed, so I will use Terminal 5 and Terminal 6. When both terminal is zero then 10 Hz, when terminal 5 is 1 but terminal 6 is 0 then 20 Hz and lastly if both terminal is 1 then it will be 30 Hz. I will adjust the speed with the parameters: A410, A411 and A412.

Terminal 2 would be the forward and terminal 3 would be the reverse direction. I think these two can be two PLC digital output trough one-one relay.

It will be counted the distance by an encoder. When it reach the target the run command will be released and the motor will be stopped with the decel time1.

Also I will connect the S1 and S2 for safety.


My question is do I have to connect other wires ? Also do I have to remove the jumper between terminal 11 and 1 ?

Am I forget something ? Any comment would be highly appreciated.

Thanks ahead.


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Terminal 1 to 11 is the stop command which is NC. When you reach your target position, open terminal 1. I assume this will come from your plc

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