1734 IE8C 8 Channel Analog Input scaling

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Hello all, 

I have a temperature sensor with a reading range of 10F to 212 . The input card I am using is an Allen Bradley 1734 IE8C 8 Channel Analog current input. The current input values are 4-20 mA. Currently I have my raw low at 4000 and raw high at 20000. Can anyone explain how do we go about selection of this values ? I found these values in the configuration tag of the input card properties. 

Thank You 

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I created a project with that card and it doesn't show a raw low and high. What I'm seeing is a Current Range, Digital Filter, and Low/High Engineering. Check the attachment to see that I have the correct card. If so, I'd set the following:

  • Range to 4-20 mA
  • Low Engineering to 10
  • The High Engineering to 212.



1734 card.pdf

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