Object state conflict in Read request using class3 connection with Omron NJ series PLC

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I am trying to communicate with NJ series omron PLC in that I am using class 3 connection to communicate with NJ plc.
Below are the steps i followed :

1) Send list services request
2) Register session request to get session handle
3) Connection manager request (large forward open) to get class3 connection id
4) while sending read request to the plc using class3 connection id and session handle but in responce i am getting object state conflict.
I have gone through some document which is mentioning that The object is not able to perform the requested service in the
current mode or state 
what does exactely meaning of that and how to resolve this issue ..??

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I'm not sure what you are trying to do but it sounds like EIP messaging. For troubleshooting, try changing the mode of the controller. (RUN > PROGRAM or PROGRAM > RUN).

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What's the device which is trying to talk to the NJ?  How are you programming it?

I've done Class 3 many times, but used the PLC and its function blocks to open and close the connection, not from another device.

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