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  1. I am trying to communicate with NJ series omron PLC in that I am using class 3 connection to communicate with NJ plc. Below are the steps i followed : 1) Send list services request 2) Register session request to get session handle 3) Connection manager request (large forward open) to get class3 connection id 4) while sending read request to the plc using class3 connection id and session handle but in responce i am getting object state conflict. I have gone through some document which is mentioning that The object is not able to perform the requested service in the current mode or state  what does exactely meaning of that and how to resolve this issue ..??
  2. Yes, I am using  Ethernet/IP protocol to communicate . FINS packet  is encapsulated under Ethernet/IP packet just for direct address access.  Other wise it is just a EIP packet.    Memory Address Code (2 Byte) Address of Memory (4 Byte) Data (0-448) The above data is only FINS specific. So, When I tried the same packet structure which I implemented for CJ2 series, It does not work with NJ , NX series PLC.  Have you tried Omron  Ethernet/IP over FINS to communicate with NX, NJ series PLC? If yes, Can you please share the wire shark logs? 
  3. Hello Innoaloe, Thanks for quick reply. I am having packet which i am using for CJ series PLC for Communicating with PLC but the same fins packet is not working for NX/NJ series PLC for CJ series PLC I am using 0x54 code for reading same is not working for NX/NJ series PLC.
  4. Hello Innoaloe, The wireshark packet you shared it is for Symbolic addressing access (Like you have created  TVAR globle memory area) is there any way to access direct address from PLC for NX/NJ series plc (Example: I want to directly access DM 100 memory location)..? Thanks, Bhautik