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  1. Can anyone help me with the information related to Fx-5 and Fx5-4LC module. Like which processor is used for internal operation ?? What is the selection criteria for that ??
  2. Symax model 400 processor.

    Hello.      Does anybody know if theres a newer interchangable version of the symax model 400 processor?     Anybody know wat equipment is needed to program a model 400??
  3. New to PLC's

    Hello, I am sorry I am sure this has been asked before but I did some searching and didn't find much. I have no experience with PLC's and my manager has suggested I take some classes to fill a void in our team's skill set.  We use Allen Bradley PLC's and have a seat of RSlogix5000.  I hope to learn how to modify existing programs for some of our test equipment.  I want to add sensors to some existing test equipment and record data generated by these sensors.  My question for this group is If you were just getting started and you had a budget for a week of training what classes would you take? Where would you take them?  My manger and I realize a week of training may barely scratch the surface.  Is Allen Bradley's training worth the time and money for travel?  Is there local 3rd party training I can find in the Cleveland area that teaches RSlogix5000?     I am thinking about the below courses. CCP146 Conrtol Logix 5000 System Fundementals and CCP 151 Basic Ladder logic   Also what is the difference between RSlogix 5000 and RSlogix 500? 
  4. I am looking at some new product designs and would like to find the most efficient way of evaluating my PLC options without going to each manufacturer, and reading a book on each model each has to offer. I have a list of necessary features, and am wondering if there is a company/person whose job it is to do this research for me, or if I can get input here, or if there's a comprehensive spreadsheet already, or if I have to indulge in the aforementioned book reading.