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  1. 1746-NT8

    Hi All, I have a 1746-NT8 and am using a type K thermocouple. The module is configured properly and the cjc's on on the terminal block. All channel lights flash until a thermocouple is no longer seen as an open. When inputting -328 degrees farenheight the light goes solid green for that channel and the input table reads -29,453 and when you go to +2498 degrees farenheight it flashes Green for that channel which seems like over temp. When I back it off to 2488 it goes solid green again and the input table reads 32,757. Is this normal, or should you be able to go the whole range from -328 to +2498 degrees farenheight and the status light should stay solid? The manual says type k thermocouple should go from -428 to 2498 farenheight, bit when you google type k thermocouple range it says the range is -328 to 2300 degrees farenheight.  Thank you
  2. 1769-IT6

    Thank you. I will take a look at those. There is no bus/external power switch on the IT6. Thank you for the help. I will still take a look at the articles though. 
  3. 1769-IT6

    Alan_505 would be correct. MicroLogix 1500 can use 1769 compactLogix modules. It reads and reconizes it when you do a read I/O. Thank you to everybody for your responses. 
  4. 1769-IT6

    Thanks pturmel. Thats what I was wondering. Just wanted to make sure I had everything configured and setup correctly. The setup seemed pretty straight forward. 
  5. 1769-IT6

    Yes sir I do. It is just the MicroLogix 1500, then the 1769-IT6 module then the end cap. 
  6. 1769-IT6

    Hi all. I have a 1769-IT6 thermocouple/mv input module. It is connected to a micrologix 1500 unit. The green okay light illuminates on power up, but after you download the program and put it in run mode the processor faults. Terminal block with the cjc's are on the unit. The error message just says the I/O module has encountered an error. The hex code under status bit 6 is 179h. This error code is not in the manual. Has anyone else encountered this? Oh and I only have channel 0 enabled for type k thermocouple. Has anyone else had this issue, or know if it is a configuration issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 
  7. If that does not work, in my experience this is usually firmware corruption. If you have communications to the processor try reflashing the firmware to the same version then download your program to it again. I have had this happen to me on a 5/05 processor and it was the firmware. This might not work, but is worth a try. 
  8. Have you tried cycling power to the rack or downloading your program to it again?
  9. Was this running before then stopped or is this a new setup?
  10. software licenses for sale

    How much for the studio 5000? Is it all versions?
  11. What version of Logix 5000 are you using? Is your computer  a 32 or 64 bit? 
  12. ProfiNet questions

    Just a note and PTurmel correct me if I'm wrong, If you go with prosoft to use with the Allen Bradley/Rockwell systems, I do believe that prosoft has their own software you will have to buy to make their units work with the Rockwell systems. It is not just plug and play.
  13. Please let us know if anyone needs to have their Siemens Moore Mycro controller repaired. We can repair these for you depending on the model. 352EA21NNF, 352EA21N1F, 352BA etc. We can also repair the power supplies that go with them and can upgrade the unit from B level to C level software. If you would like a free quote please contact us at  or visit us at All repairs come with a full 1-Year warranty and also include a complete refurbishment and testing to extend your units life cycle. Any member of this site will also get a twenty percent discount on these units. Thank you, Otto Automation
  14. Looking for a good USB to Serial (RS232) Converter

    You can try the 232 com plus 1 from digikey. You will have to get the usb cable seperate. This worked for me on numerous different automation equipment. I can not gurantee it will work with your specific unit, but might be worth a shot. Little note: Be careful when choosing the usb cable as you can choose 2.0 or 3.0. Sometimes the 3.0 cables do not work in my experience. The 2.0 cable would probably be your best bet. 
  15. RSLinx Classic Lite

    Yes, a backup will have your configuration saved to what it was at the time of the backup. With that many ip addresses it could take a while for everything to update. You could do a fresh install of RSLinx, but this would be a last resort option. You would have to reconfigure everything. You could also try to zero out the packet data or check the communication log.