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    Thanks, I finally figured out that the 'com' terminals tie to 0V, and the inputs are switched to +24VDC.  I've been learning a lot about this thing, and have it running in and out via a simple PLC program, however there are so many parameters in the Motionview (this is on the drive itself, a webpage that you see via the ethernet connection) that I cannot find definitions of.  The manual mentions them and has a vague single sentence description, but nothing more. 

    Haha, there are a very large number of things that annoy me about AB...anyways, turns out the ABCcom pins tie to 0V, but you switch +24VDC to the inputs.  Still haven't found any helpful documentation, the AB manuals, as expected, are useless from an operational standpoint.  Can't get ahold of vendor... There are some "timing diagrams" in the manual, but they are vague an not helpful.

    Thanks Joe, yes, I saw that document, it doesn't go into the detail I need.  I've been unable to access the AB support page since I began this project a month ago. 
  4. Kinetix 300 servo drive

    I need help understanding the indexing and what the drive expects.  I've basically 'jumped' the enable, start index, and another input to move the actuator, but with these inputs active, there is a 3 second or so delay, the shaft cranks about a 1/4 turn and that's it.

    Where can I find a reliable and real time support resource?  I cannot find anything online that explains the motionview parameters, what the drive expects, etc.  Anyone??  Beuller?
  6. Kinetix 300 servo drive

    Hi Ken, This is the first time I've ever touched a servo.  The drive is an AB obviously, but we don't use AB PLCs so I'm trying to control it discretely from a different PLC via dry contacts.  If you're open to me asking questions, some of which are potentially stupid, please email me  at markrheuer@gmail.com.  I've made some progress, more detail via email, don't wanna clog this forum up with unnecessary posts.  Thanks for the reply! Mark
  7. Kinetix 300 servo drive

    You're right about my attitude....you can understand how frustration sets in.  That's a great idea, thanks.
  8. Kinetix 300 servo drive

    Is there a real-time help resource for this thing other than the worthless AB site, on which the support page has been giving an error message for 2 weeks?

    Looks like pin 29 needs +24VDC and the 'commons' need 0V for the thing to be 'enabled'.
  10. I've got a 300 with Motionview that I'm going to run using the IOD connector with discrete signals.  First time to touch one of these.  I see the pin 29 is enable/inhibit.  I've tried +24VDC, 0v, and nothing and the drive will never 'enable'.  What am I missing?  I've got the the STO where the safety1 & 2 inputs are tied to +24VDC and the commons shorted together.  I tried unshorting the commons.  I tried removing the connector altogether.  I've read the manual, there nothing mentioning 'enabling' other than that pin 29 being high, which obviously doesn't work for me.  Any help?
  11. I am looking at some new product designs and would like to find the most efficient way of evaluating my PLC options without going to each manufacturer, and reading a book on each model each has to offer. I have a list of necessary features, and am wondering if there is a company/person whose job it is to do this research for me, or if I can get input here, or if there's a comprehensive spreadsheet already, or if I have to indulge in the aforementioned book reading.
  12. micrologix 1100

    Hey I want to print your example program, but the preview shows it as a new page for each section.....is there a way to cram it all on a page or two? None of the print setup pages offer options for 'fit to pages'...
  13. micrologix 1100

    I've been reading about the LCD...very confusing...here's my most basic need: I need to put an on/off switch as a parameter on the LCD for the end user (no pc, no program, etc) to be able to use. Basically, it will say something like 'mode with/without' then allow the user to toggle between 'with' and 'without'. This of course will need to close a NO XIC in the program (with = XIC closed; without = XIC open) I would think L2 source A would be a string "In mode:" (I had to define the ST data file type) L2 source B would display the (mode) data string "with" or "without" based on the input..... L3 source A would be something like "change?" L3 source B would be the answer to 'change?' L4 source A would be 'with' or 'without' which would be a string sitting at an 'ST' defined address L4 source B woudld be the that string (from L4sA) value Not having used one of these, I'm not sure how the thing handles user interfaces...I saw how you can change values, but don't really see how to do an on/off type input. It seems like I need to put a string address in as string data...
  14. micrologix 1100

    Thanks for bearing with me, I'm reading what I can when I can....couple more questions then I'll try to stop asking such stupid questions: I had a function called a 'softkey' in the logo s/w that allowed a parameter to be switched on/off on the plc (buttons on plc were 'hmi' to lcd screen) I could use a NO or NC contact in my ladder based on the setting of that parameter.....can this be done somehow in RSLogix? I'll try and look up the other questions, this is just so much faster! Thanks again!!
  15. micrologix 1100

    ya, I understand the difference between an output and a latch, I'm just a little confused with all the addressing and bit assignments....this software is a little lower level (more detail) and I haven't had to deal with it using seimens or directlogix...