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  1. Control Panel

    Is it possible to view the values / states of all inputs, outputs and workbits (e.g. 64.00 through 64.15 on Omron CQM1 PLC) on a single screen or control panel within CX-Programmer software?  I'm trying to troubleshoot some ladder logic that I wrote and need to know the values of 5 or 6 inputs/outputs/workbits simultaneously.  Having to scroll up and down through my ladder logic repeatedly does not work well with code that changes state every 5-10 seconds or so. Any help is welcome.
  2. No outputs work

    I have a CQM1-41EV controller, with 4 IA121 input modules, and 2 OC222 output modules. When in monitor mode, I can operate buttons, switces, and everthing shows that it is working. However when I go offline, and do a reboot, the outputs will not come on! What did I do wrong?