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  1. No outputs work

    I have to tell you, this is a lifesaver! I don't think my head could pound the wall much longer!  I sent the same thread to Omron, a week ago, and have not heard from them!! You guys are the greatest!
  2. No outputs work

    My bad Jay!! I have reverted to my old Rockwell days! The output numbers are wrong!!!
  3. No outputs work

    Ok here are the files. Thank you Jay! HOP_ROTARY.cxp HOP_ROTARY.opt
  4. No outputs work

    I have the setting set for run. I am using CX-One for programming, I have tested it with and without the cable attached. This is not my first PLC, however, I have never had thi8s happen!!
  5. No outputs work

    The RUN light is on. There is no memory card. The INH light is off. The peripheral port has the programming cable in it. The input and output cards all have the ready light on, and I have 2 inputs on. The comm port is talking to the screen.
  6. No outputs work

    I have a CQM1-41EV controller, with 4 IA121 input modules, and 2 OC222 output modules. When in monitor mode, I can operate buttons, switces, and everthing shows that it is working. However when I go offline, and do a reboot, the outputs will not come on! What did I do wrong?