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  1. SUCOS PS316 connection issue

    Dear,   I did Programm PS4 / ps306 / PS3 As far as i do remember (at these types above)  the baudrate must be 19200. That was the baudrate for the RS485 port communications between f.i. PS306 and ps 3 as well. If you are working with VMware, you need to "parameterisiere" the com port so that is can connect from out the virtual machine. I know that it isn't always working with an "old" program, if that program did communicate directly on the port.  Unfortunately I'm out of the KlocknerMoeller surroundings for more than 15 years son hopfully this will get you to the next step.
  2. Downgrade Firmware HMI TP1200 Comfort

    Dear...look at the settings of the adapter and under the settings of the communication settings of the Siemens adapter on the configuration screen of windows. sometimes this does strange things while changing from or to PN/IE. sometimes the software pakkage Proneta form Siemens can recognize an sets IP by the mac adres you find. Don't forget to disconnect the power if you change ip adresses etc. Sometime it doesn't renew inter in the screen. I did also updated an MP277. To update it, it does take more than an 1,5 hour when it came from wincc flexible the first time,  then V11 to V14 with likely problems.  there is an special tool from Siemens as well to get this kinds of problems solved. (i don't remember the name but did have the functionality like prosafe + extras) Maby look at the problems with the MP277. the 1200 is pretty new.  
  3. Keyence CV-X Controller and Siemens S7-1500

    Dear, communicating with this things is not always simpel. I had before an same issue with a laserscanner of Sick also on "PROFINET".  the problem was in the beginning that there was an change in smal Andian and big Andian from both devices. I think you passed this stage. after that there was an problem like you do have wright now. Fore some reason the protocol wasn't a 100% Profinet (time based) but more ethernet. Finally the hole system works after I changed the communication in just looking for flanks of the bits like ACK Flag etc. with a construction around it to get it started in beginning. (there are no finishend results when you start) Hopefully this will get you further.
  4. wincc flexible

    Dear PV550, The answer on "is it possible to make .psb file to hmi file??" is unlucky .... no. (i tried and did ask it before) The format which is pulled out of the screen is already compiled by winCC flexible and then transferred to the screen, so no edible anymore. Fore TIA portal are sometimes other conditions. Next: The answer on  "I checked that address of the HMI and PLC are also same but it doesn't communicate"  It is not allowed that there are 2 clients who do have the same adres in the network. If you talk about logic adres in the plc like MW / DBW, most of the time it has to do with wrong cable work. Did you connect the plc together with the screen while transferring the software in both? in that case the communication must be oké. There are examples on the internet which show you step by step how to do this.
  5. Saving analog readings to PC

    An stupid question: is there a HMI possibility or a win flexible runtime? in that case you can run a script to get it back in txt  / csv file. I did do this with packing machine which do write packing labels / briefs fore the truck driver.  
  6. Tia Portal v13 HMI Groups edit

    1e You can do this very easy by working with layers. by enabling ore disabling layers you can switch tem on or off. I'm using it on a tp700 screen, and i thing this will work on a  KTP400  as well.   2e solution is working with face-plates. with the the function visibility you can do the same with the whole group. Good Luck Tommy     
  7. array and string

    We are using a lot of strings in arrays. There where you talk about customer name, adres, settings etc. If you use this in the PLC in stead of in the HMI, this give a lot more possibility in case of sorting and logging settings in the plc memory. an "tekstlist in an HMI solution" is to static for doing this.