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I am using Keyence CV-X422A vision controller for my application. It is interfaced with Siemens S7-1500 PLC on PROFINET. I am able to communicate with Vision controller through PLC logic command and status IOs.

There is some communication issue in updating the o/p values from Camera Controller. I have tried with & w/o Handshake Mode with these settings. The camera display shows the reject but camera never turns ON the NG Status o/p.

I tried different things told by Keyence Tech support but none of them worked. 

He told me to have you enable the “Result ACK Flag” in the bit allocation area and send  a signal to it. Then trigger it again with a no good part and see if that fixes the issue.

I tried setting the “Result ACK Flag” to 1 after I get the “Command Complete Flag” for the trigger signal that I sent. Sometimes this works but still it is not reliable. Do I need to send only a pulse to “Result ACK Flag”?

Anyone here has ever faced similar issue? 

Thanks for your help.


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Dear, communicating with this things is not always simpel.

I had before an same issue with a laserscanner of Sick also on "PROFINET". 
the problem was in the beginning that there was an change in smal Andian and big Andian from both devices.
I think you passed this stage.
after that there was an problem like you do have wright now.

Fore some reason the protocol wasn't a 100% Profinet (time based) but more ethernet.

Finally the hole system works after I changed the communication in just looking for flanks of the bits like ACK Flag etc.
with a construction around it to get it started in beginning. (there are no finishend results when you start)

Hopefully this will get you further.

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