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Downgrade Firmware HMI TP1200 Comfort

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I can not dowgrade the firmware of a HMI Siemens tp 1200 comfort because it has updated from the portal tia v11 to a version 14. When I try to revert the HMI lock the operating system windows ce. Is there any way to go back to the factory default by doing some jumper on the board or unloading on another port? Because ethernet no longer works to communicate.

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Just try this perhaps it will work, you have similar problem in one of my colleague. This procedure solve his problem.

- Open the Control Panel of the computer
- Check in the top right corner if "viewed as" (or similar) is set to small or large icons (not category)
- Open "Set PG/PC-Interface (32-Bit)"
- In the Drop-Down menu on top, check that the access point is set to S7ONLINE
- In the list below are all network interfaces of the computer listed. Search there for the ethernet-adapter, with which the panel is connected to the PC and select it. CAUTION, there are 3 entries for the Ethernet-Interface, select the one that ends with ".TCPIP.1" (NOT .TCPIP.Auto.1)
- Hit ok

- Set on the general tab the connection to Ethernet or PN/IE
- Set on the general tab an IP-adress for the panel, which is in the same subnet then the computer
- In the OS Update tab, check the box for reset to factory settings, enter the MAC adress of the panel and click on update (panel should be started before)

If it still doesn't work now, disable all firewalls and anti virus softwares, because some of these softwares don't let neccessary packages pass, that are needed for establishing the connection.


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Dear...look at the settings of the adapter and under the settings of the communication settings of the Siemens adapter on the configuration screen of windows.

sometimes this does strange things while changing from or to PN/IE.

sometimes the software pakkage Proneta form Siemens can recognize an sets IP by the mac adres you find.

Don't forget to disconnect the power if you change ip adresses etc. Sometime it doesn't renew inter in the screen.

I did also updated an MP277. To update it, it does take more than an 1,5 hour when it came from wincc flexible the first time,  then V11 to V14 with likely problems. 

there is an special tool from Siemens as well to get this kinds of problems solved. (i don't remember the name but did have the functionality like prosafe + extras)
Maby look at the problems with the MP277. the 1200 is pretty new.


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