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  1. Analog Input fluctuation & Bits switching

    @IO_Rack Thanks gentleman.... it  works better after using >2995 AND <3005 inst. but sometimes still occurs scan time issue. Further regarding count fluctuation, by clicking check box (use averaging) in  Built-in AD/DA tab it improves & decrease the fluctuation upto 1 count and rarely 2 counts, hope it almost works for most of the applications. Also used AVG inst. mentioning max limit as 64 cycles for particular analog i/p but the result was same, but occasionally it shows the exact count. Thanks once again helping to sort out the issue.  
  2. Dears Need some help to sort out the issue of analog input value fluctuation up-down & output bit switching I have CP1E- NA20 model PLC and pot (0-10V) had been connected to analog input from the same source 24V SMPS (omron brand) along with PLC which has 12 to 13 bit resolution(0 - 6300). Actually i have to switch ON specific output at 3000 counts (approx 5V) and used both compare & equal instruction, but the count overrides and exceeds without switching particular output. I observed that the output gets switch ON only when pot rotation slows down upto the limit, else normally o/p wouldn't get switch ON. Meanwhile the PLC count keeps fluctuating 5 to 6 counts everytime. Also try to used another i/p terminal for another pot but same problem occurs. Scan time shows 1.3 to 1.4ms. Have used the general mov instruction  Is there any solution to stop the input fluctuation and activate normal bits switching with pot ? Does scan time interferes/not enough in the high speed or immediate bits switching ?
  3. Thanks BOB & Inno for clarification @innoaloe All the best for future....
  4. Thanks BOB for further more help...For continuously working this real time application Whether we need to insert battery in PLC ? Will this application will work if PLC had been stopped for few days without battery? Kindly clarify.... In my point of view batteries had been used to hold the particular values in the data register (D2020,21,22,23 in attached program for Start/Stop), Is it correct ? Thanks
  5. Hi... thanks a lot for both BOB & Inno.... It get worked in the way that first i have to extract the hours & minutes as Bob mentioned in different data memories (say D10 & D12), then have to shuffle the hours & minutes from particular data memories D10 & D12 as inno mentioned to result memories (say D14 & D16) with control word as #32 in MOVD....Also another option, D10 & D12 can divide & multiply by 100 as mentioned by michael in the link attached above.... For combining Hours & minutes i have to add  D14 & D16 with Add instruction and the result would appear as required in another data memory with Hex format. ANDW & MOVD seems like tricky instructions.... @innoaloe preparations going on for business... would poke whenever required........ Now former for Omron ? hope may be busy with another research.....! 
  6. Dears How to compare the hours & minutes which were in different clock memories (A351 & A352) and how it can appears in one data memory. A351 - displays Minutes & Seconds A352 - displays Hours & Day of month  A353 - displays Month & Year A354 - Displays Day of a week Most of the time the specific applications were depends on Hours & minutes only instead of seconds. How we can combine Hours & minutes to compare in one data memory ? I came to know in the link below the situation is different for other PLC models for which hrs & min were in single clock memory AR17 @innoaloe
  7. CP1E TXD problems

    @LiquidSteel Can you post a PLC program for particular communication setting so that i also have to clarify the same...   Thanks
  8. Ladder program save in PDF file

    Thanks a lot... was really unaware of CutePDF... Thanks once again
  9. Ladder program save in PDF file

    Dears Can anyone clarify me how to convert saved ladder program in PDF format to take the printout.   Thanks
  10. Hi... BITS N BYTES Can you clarify me how to set up different events (messages) for different screens to trigger on different conditions? So when i tried to set multiple messages on the same event setting (can't use different event setting) with multiple data registers, then on triggering any one condition ,multiple messages of different data registers occurs simultaneously (together) for separate (multiple) event display function . But i want to know how appear multiple messages appears on multiple display function on multiple screens if particular conditions gets triggered . Meanwhile i need to know the same settings for Alarm Function & displays also as mention above. Also i want to know regarding the Type tab (range 0 - 255) on event settings function. What does it means ? Kindly help me to sort out the issue Thanks
  11. Encoder Program for CW & CCW rotation

      Hi Innoaloe Thanks for your clarification for Pulse+Direction method. Actually i have to connect address as 0.00 & 0.02 (instead of 0.01) to work perfectly. -->When i connects Phase A to 0.00 & Phase B to 0.02 or vice versa then pulse count increases & decreases based on CW and CCW rotation for 100 pulses. -->When i connects Phase A or B to 0.00 and Switch to 0.02, then pulse counts decrease if Switch OFF and increase if Switch activates (hold on) Also the input Up/Down method works on the switches, but seems like it's not mandatory to use up/down method , hope other methods would enough for almost applications. Anyway i am really grateful for helping me to sort out the issue.      
  12. Encoder Program for CW & CCW rotation

    Hi Innoaloe Yeah,  you were right. In differential phase method, when i connects the phase A to 0.01 & Phase B to 0.00 address then it counts the pulses Inc & Dec in both direction CW & CCW. But i tried many times connecting phase A to 0.00 & Phase B to 0.01 and it won't works and perfectly, it works fine when connection shuffled and it counts 4x100=400 pulses in one rotation for both directions CW & CCW. But how can i be able to count the same as 100 pulses for one rotation (CW & CCW) even though i tried input Up/Down method but it doesn't counts perfectly and the pulse counts fluctuates (not using INI instruction, using only PRV) and sometime the pulse keeps on counting continuously (up/down) even when shaft were kept in idle condition (immediately after rotation- occurs only in up/down method) ? How it comes and how can i be  able to count same as differential method for 100 pulses only (my encoder rating). Also clarify me for Pulse + direction method, how can i enable the direction. When i connects Phase B, the pulse count decrease whether rotates CW or CCW and also same situation occurs if Phase B Disconnects. How can i bring the changes in it ?   Thanks  
  13. Dears Can anyone clarify me in NB-designer how to display/design messages for different no. of states based on the conditions by triggering different states (moving states value) in particular data register ?    Thanks
  14. Encoder Program for CW & CCW rotation

    Dear Innoaloe I have autonics encoder (Model : E40S6-100-3-T-24) and had the Totem pole output (not open-collector) for which the common i have connected 0V as well as PLC common. I purchased PLC few month before which are still under warranty. But the problem are in A & B phase, i need to read (count) the pulses in both directions (CW & CCW) simultaneously if rotates in both sides (fwd & rev), but the pulse counts only in one direction either increasing continuously or decreasing and pulse count fluctuates (fwd/rev) when power cycles (sometime counts fwd and sometime counts rev) even though i had tried all the input settings in high speed counter with required connection. Am i missing anything anywhere ? Are these things occurs for any power supply (SMPS) fluctuations or Any special memory (bits or words) required apart from A270 or PRV inst. ? Same problem occurs in Z-phase also. Also kindly clarify me the difference between Open collector & Totem pole output encoder.   Thanks