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  1. https://accautomation.ca/omron-c20k-c28k-c40k-c60k-troubleshooting/ Omron C20 Manual: http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/Micros/W083-E1-5.pdf Parts: https://accautomation.ca/purchase-find-parts/omron-c20k-c28k-c40k-c60k/#Special The battery model is the same as the K family for the C20. I hope this helps you out. Regards,
  2. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Hi Konrad, Your host link unit will not work for the C20 / C20K family. The 3G2A6-LK201-EV1 was for the C120 / C200H PLC. You require the 3G2C7-LK201-EV1 host link unit. https://accautomation.ca/purchase-find-parts/omron-c20k-c28k-c40k-c60k/#Special Regards, Garry
  3. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Hi Konrad, Here is the manual for the unit. http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/Micros/W083-E1-5.pdf The CPU84E has DC PNP inputs. The CPU74E has the same IO configuration as the CPU73E. The host link for these units is 3G2C7-LK201-EV1. Syswin will program the units. https://accautomation.ca/omron-c20k-c28k-c40k-c60k-troubleshooting/ Regards, Garry
  4. How to lock/freeze fanuc robot teach pendent?

    https://motioncontrolsrobotics.com/guard-against-robot-downtime-with-password-protection/ The above thread may help you out, by assigning a password to everybody. Regards, Garry
  5. cx programer&Kinco HMI

    Hi Erez, Can you tell us the Omron PLC model number and hardware you are using? Can you tell us the Kinco HMI model number? I assume that you have communication between the Omron PLC and Kinco HMI. What areas of the PLC are you looking to read/write? http://www.t2cnc.hu/downloads/Kinco/HMI-PLC%20kapcsolatok-1506.pdf Communication Cable and protocols for the Kinco HMI. Regards, Garry
  6. Capture Date and Time

    http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/31786-write-plc-time-as-text-to-memory-card/#comment-149418 http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/32929-handle-dates-in-cx-programmer/ https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1471 The above posts may help you out. Regards, Garry
  7. NA5 Orientation

    https://assets.omron.eu/downloads/manual/en/v2/v117_na_series_programmable_terminal_hardware_users_manual_en.pdf I do not believe this can be mounted in the portrait orientation. The above manual will only specify the horizontal position for mounting.  Regards, Garry
  8. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=119962 The above thread may help you out. https://compatibility.rockwellautomation.com/Pages/MultiProductDownload.aspx?crumb=112 Search for "1769-l32" Regards, Garry
  9. Rockwell Automation You Make It Challenge

    Voted Garry
  10. Constant Firmware Changes

    If you want a specific version of the firmware, I would contact AD direct and ask for the file. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/contactus/contactus Regards, Garry
  11. hmi omron nt 631c

    https://www.myomron.com/modules/KB/file_d.php?id=56 The above is a PDF to convert NT series to NS series of HMI terminals. I hope this helps you out. Regards, Garry
  12. CCW Questions

    https://theautomationblog.com/how-to-import-and-export-variables-and-comments-in-connected-components-workbench-ccw/ The above thread may help you out with importing and exporting variables. Regards, Garry
  13. Upload Program from A1SH PLC

    http://suport.siriustrading.ro/02.DocArh/01.PLC/03.Modulare/05.MELSEC%20AnS,QnAS/01.Unitati%20centrale/01.AnS/AnS(J)HCPU%20-%20User's%20Manual%20IB(NA)-66779-N%20(01.11).pdf http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=17896 The above information may help you out. Regards, Garry
  14. From PM today: Sysmac C60P

    Another option would be to use a C200H-PRO27-E with a 3G2A5-AP003 and a 2 or 3-meter cable. https://accautomation.ca/purchase-find-parts/omron-c20k-c28k-c40k-c60k/#Peripheral This is still using the handheld but with the cable extension, it is better to work with it. Regards, Garry
  15. 90-30 Timer over 16 minutes

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=47460The above post mentions a similar application using a timer and a counter to get to minutes.Can you post the logic? Regards, Garry