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  1. Combination Input

    Do you mean 1 switch give you 2 signal that on to A and off to B and you use it for combination with 4 switch?   Yes.. somewhat like that.. My sensor will produce 2 input signals which is A and B depends on condition and I only use this one sensor..  So how can I make the combination from this sensor.. Tq  
  2. Combination Input

    Hi.. I'm new into PLC programming so I dont really know much how to program.. So hopefully there is someone out there that can help me with this or give me some ideas.. Here is the problem; I got 2 inputs signal, A & B.. from this 2 input signal, there will be variable combination of 4 inputs and it will produce different output let say in condition; 1. AAAB - Output 1 2. AABA - Output 2 3. AABB - Output 3 4. ABAA - Output 4 . . . n. BBBB - Output n   I'm open to any suggestion and ideas for this.. Btw I'm using OMRON CP1H for this one..  Thank you