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  1. FactoryTalk SE - VB Script

    Yes it could work. You would need to write a standalone VB application. At one of my old jobs, this was how we did it: CompactLogix PLC, FTView SE HMI, VB .exe application. The PLC communicated with the HMI, and the HMI communicated with the VB application. There was some "heartbeat" logic to make sure that communication was not lost. Not sure of the details because I never worked on the VB application personally.
  2. FactoryTalk SE - VB Script

    I don't think you can do this. I think in RSView32, the VBA resides separately from any specific screen. But in FTView SE, I think VBA code can only reside in a specific screen or button.
  3. Communication with Yaskawa drive

    Thanks I don't know when I will get a chance to test it but I will give an update when I test it
  4. Communication with Yaskawa drive

    Forgot to attach images, see attached Doc1.docx
  5. I have to set up some commands to communicate with a Yaskawa V1000 drive. It has a SI-EN3/V Ethernet/IP interface card. I added a Generic Ethernet module (ETHERNET-MODULE) to my Studio 5000 project. My question is how to set up the Connection Parameters in the ETHERNET-MODULE. I got the user manual from Yaskawa. It says that "Basic Speed Control Output" is Assembly Number 20 and 4 Bytes. So, I put 20 in the Assembly Instance Output of Connection Parameters in the ETHERNET-MODULE. I put 4 for Size. Is this right? See images below. Thanks in advance.    
  6. How to read/write drive parameters?

    Not sure what controller you are using but here is a manual on how to use MSG instructions in RSLogix5000:
  7. Yes basically you should be able to use the MOV command. You can also try the COP or CPS commands. You can look up these commands in the RSLogix Instruction Help to get familiar with them. If you added the module and it shows up in your IO configuration, go to Controller Tags. The left hand column is arranged by Tag Name. Find your module name (for example "M30"). Click on the "+" sign to expand and you should see every tag available to you for writing to/from this module.
  8. I had a customer a couple of years ago that wanted to get data from their HMI (running FactoryTalk View SE) into Excel. But FTView SE logs data in the .DAT format which you can not open with Excel directly. We called Rockwell and they said to use the "File Viewer Utility", which is a separate application that you use to open the .DAT file. You can then save it as a .csv file, which can then be opened with Excel. We could not figure out an easier way to get their data from FTView SE into Excel. You can download the File Viewer Utility from the Rockwell site, see Tech Note 823751. I just looked up this Tech Note, it also says that version 8.10 and later of FT View automatically includes the File Viewer Utility.
  9. RSLinx

    I would try to use the 2nd laptop (the one with RSLogix on it). You will have to find a way to get RSLinx on it. Go to the Rockwell Compatibility and Downloads center: Use either "Find Downloads" or "Software Downloads by Serial Number". You may be able to use the serial number from your existing version of RSLinx, to download another version of RSLinx that is compatible with your 32bit laptop. Hope this helps.  
  10. Logix Designer tips

    Thanks I didn't know this was available
  11. Logix Designer tips

    Not sure if this answers your question, but if you go to Controller Tags you can organize your tags by Data Type. If you are trying to find where a specific instruction is used (for example let's say you want to find where all the OTL instructions are used) then I don't know how to do that, not sure if its possible.
  12. software information

    You need RSLogix500 for the SLC and Studio 5000 for the Compactlogix. Rockwell has a guide for SLC to Compactlogix migration: See pg 43, there is a converter to go from RSLogix500 to Studio5000: "The Logix Designer application includes a RSLogix Project Migrator that converts an SLC 500 import/export file (SLC extension) into a complete import/export file (L5K extension) for the Logix Designer application."
  13. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I think the easiest way to see if the 1756-OF6CI card has the fault bits you want is to add it to your RSLogix project and then look at the Controller Tags and see what is available for this card. See screenshot below, I added this module to a sample RSLogix5000 project and then looked at what is available in the Controller Tags for this module (Local:1 in my project). Hope this helps.    
  14. Intermittent Alarms at HMI Start Up?

    Here is what I would try: -Make a list of all the alarms that are being incorrectly triggered -Figure out where each alarm is triggered in the PLC -Add some timers in the PLC to put a time delay on these alarms. For example: let's say when Tag1 is High, Alarm 1 is triggered. Add a timer so that when Tag1 is High for 10 seconds, Alarm 1 is triggered. Depending on your system this may or may not be a good solution but I do this a lot with alarms.
  15. SLC 5/03 1747-L531 and panel view C600

    You need RSLogix500 for the SLC 5/03. I have never used a Panelview C600, but the Rockwell website says you need DesignStation software, version 2.0 or later: