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  1. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    In the past I have used the GSV instruction. Make the Module Object of the GSV one of your PLC's. Use the EntryStatus Attribute to see the state of the PLC. The Instruction Help for the GSV instruction has more info. So you will have one GSV in the PLC1 logic what checks the status of PLC2, and another GSV in the PLC2 logic that checks the status of PLC1.
  2. SInk plc input module

    I don't know. I have only seen NPN sensors a few times in my experience, and every time I replaced them with PNP sensors to make them easier to use. (In my case the sensors were inexpensive to replace)
  3. SInk plc input module

    Yes, you need to select the correct type of sensor. here is a link that may help: You need a PNP sensor if you have a sinking PLC input module.
  4. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    Try it with another tag, create a tag called Test_Dint2 in the PLC and see if it works. Or try to create a tag with datatype REAL (for example Test_Real) and try that
  5. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    It looks ok to me. Maybe try some different expressions: {[PLC]Test_Dint < 4} {[PLC]Test_Dint == 0} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 1} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 2} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 3}    
  6. Multiple branch

    I would first find out if there are certain setups/situations that will be the most common. It's possible that there are 100's of different possible setups, but only 10 will actually be used. Create some buttons, labeled "Recipe 1", "Recipe 2" etc that load the most common setups when you press them.
  7. Moving Blocks of Data in RsLogix500

    Can you post a screenshot of your logic? Look at some of the examples in the Instruction Help for the COP instruction. You probably need something like this:  
  8. Problem with array

      Not sure about the arrays, but here is some info on getting data from RSLogix into Excel:  
  9. Software help

    Thanks for the info. Siemens is not used much at my site.
  10. Software help

    Working on my first Siemens project. It's supposed to be a S7 PLC with a TP-1200 HMI (Comfort panel). What software is used to program these? Can I use TIA Portal for both the PLC and HMI programming? Or do I need Win CC for the HMI? Also, what is SIMATIC Step 7 software, is this obsolete? Thanks in advance.
  11. Registering on Siemens website

    Update: after trying about 20 different "nicknames" I found one that was accepted and finished the registration. Maybe the Siemens website was having issues or something.
  12. Registering on Siemens website

    Working on my first Siemens project. Called tech support and they sent me a link to a software download. But, I need to register on the Siemens website for this. For some reason I can not register! I've tried using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. I put in all my info and then the website either freezes up, or it says the "nickname" I chose was already in use. I've tried at least 10 different "nicknames". Some of them were just random combinations of letters. I don't see how this is possible. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. RSView32 VBA Run-time error '4205'

    Looks like you already tried a few things I would suggest. I used to use RSView32 a lot, a few years ago. It worked fine on Windows XP, but when used with Windows 7 I had all kinds of issues with the VBA code. I called Rockwell many times and the best advice I got was to go through the VBA code carefully and rewrite it if needed. Delete part of the VBA code, run the project, see if the error goes away. If it does, then you know what part of the VBA code caused the problem. If not, then continue to delete more of the VBA code until you can get the project to run without an error. Obviously make sure you have a good backup of the project first. Hope this helps. Edit: also try to uninstall any recent Windows 7 updates and see if this helps
  14. Random MSG instruction error

    You're using a Micrologix so I'm assuming you're using RSLogix500. The Instruction Help for MSG lists the error codes and their meaning. I just looked, looks like there are about 50 different error codes with different meanings so maybe this can help you narrow it down. Try to be online with the PLC at startup so you can catch the exact error code when this issue happens.  
  15. FLL Instruction - RSLogix 5000

    Can you post an image of your logic? Is it possible, that after the FLL is completed, some other values are written to your ".Count" somewhere else in the logic