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  1. Program lost after power cycle

    Also check the DIP switch settings on your CPU. The settings of switch 2 (and 7 depending on the CPU type) can cause the CPU to try to load from a memory card on power up. Start with both switches OFF and configure from there.
  2. TIM instruction is not working

    I suspect that something in your logic is resetting the timer as soon it reaches zero.
  3. P_WR, P_CIO

    Those two, along with several others refer to words A450 through A473. They are used as pointers by OMRON FB Library function blocks. The programming manual says "Do not change the content of these words".
  4. Count how many words are being used

    It seems like you should be able to use the SRCH(181) instruction to do that. It will output the number of matches found to DR0. It is listed under Data Table Processing instructions in the W474 manual. I suggest that you search for words containing zero. The SRCH instruction will give you a count of them in DRO. You can then subtract DRO from the total number of words to get the number of non-zero words. Nonzero word search.cxp
  5. Count how many words are being used

    What do you mean by "used"?? Do you want to count words which contain a non-zero value??
  6. Cyclic Tasks

    The SFCON and SFCOFF instructions in rungs 7 & 8 of task 0 control the operation of cyclic task 1.
  7. Analog input scalling load cell

    Another way to look at it .... The resolution of the AD042 will be 3000/12000 or 0.25 g increments. The accuracy depends on a lot of factors including the sensor, the analog module, and the power supply. The accuracy will generally be approximately resolution x 10 or 2.5 g in this case.
  8. From PM this morning

    One configuration that hasn't been suggested yet is to replace that CPU13 with a CPU33 and add a CP1W-CIF01 if the HMI doesn't support an Ethernet connection.
  9. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    As I recall there were a few versions of CX-P that would default to the Timer data type on PLC's that did not support it resulting in a compile error. Rather irritating!!
  10. How to reset

    First ... I would suggest that the timer you are using is not long enough to do you any good (9999/100ms = 16.6 minutes). Second ... If the rain sensor closes your roof, it will cause the timer to restart fro zero. I suggest that you look into using the PLC's system clock and use a range of times that you want to allow your circuit to operate.
  11. Overlapping rungs error in CX-Programmer ver.9

    I think CXP is complaining because the SBN instruction immediately follows the SBS instruction (no main program content). Try adding a do nothing rung after the SBS and see what happens.
  12. How to read analog expansion inputs

    Here's the example above:
  13. How to read analog expansion inputs

    I suggest that you use something like the AVG (average) instruction to read the input data into a DM register. For example: If you are using input 1 and you want to average 64 samples into DM100 then the instruction would be AVG 1 &64 D100. You can then compare the value in the DM register to the value you want to use as a setpoint. Note that the AVG instruction uses a buffer so this would use up DM100 through DM165 for data. If your setpoint was 1.000 volts then you can use something like an unsigned binary compare >= D100 &1200  to compare the averaged value to the setpoint and trigger your time delay. Even averaging 64 samples isn't a very long time if your program scan is around the typical 3 ms for a CP1L but with the time delay as a filter you should be ok.
  14. How to read analog expansion inputs

    The L14 only uses one input word (word 0) for the CPU digital inputs, so your AD041 module will use words 1-4 for the four input channels. You will want to set the input channel that you use up for 0-5vdc. The value of the input will range from 0 to 6000 for 0 to 5 volts. Your 0.4 to 2 volt signal will range from 480 to 2400.
  15. AD041-V1 CJ2 Special I/O Issue

    If the CPU has a memory card and dip switch 2 is turned on, it will transfer the settings stored in the memory card at power up. Maybe that's what is happening??