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  1. From PM this morning

    One configuration that hasn't been suggested yet is to replace that CPU13 with a CPU33 and add a CP1W-CIF01 if the HMI doesn't support an Ethernet connection.
  2. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    As I recall there were a few versions of CX-P that would default to the Timer data type on PLC's that did not support it resulting in a compile error. Rather irritating!!
  3. How to reset

    First ... I would suggest that the timer you are using is not long enough to do you any good (9999/100ms = 16.6 minutes). Second ... If the rain sensor closes your roof, it will cause the timer to restart fro zero. I suggest that you look into using the PLC's system clock and use a range of times that you want to allow your circuit to operate.
  4. Overlapping rungs error in CX-Programmer ver.9

    I think CXP is complaining because the SBN instruction immediately follows the SBS instruction (no main program content). Try adding a do nothing rung after the SBS and see what happens.
  5. How to read analog expansion inputs

    Here's the example above:
  6. How to read analog expansion inputs

    I suggest that you use something like the AVG (average) instruction to read the input data into a DM register. For example: If you are using input 1 and you want to average 64 samples into DM100 then the instruction would be AVG 1 &64 D100. You can then compare the value in the DM register to the value you want to use as a setpoint. Note that the AVG instruction uses a buffer so this would use up DM100 through DM165 for data. If your setpoint was 1.000 volts then you can use something like an unsigned binary compare >= D100 &1200  to compare the averaged value to the setpoint and trigger your time delay. Even averaging 64 samples isn't a very long time if your program scan is around the typical 3 ms for a CP1L but with the time delay as a filter you should be ok.
  7. How to read analog expansion inputs

    The L14 only uses one input word (word 0) for the CPU digital inputs, so your AD041 module will use words 1-4 for the four input channels. You will want to set the input channel that you use up for 0-5vdc. The value of the input will range from 0 to 6000 for 0 to 5 volts. Your 0.4 to 2 volt signal will range from 480 to 2400.
  8. AD041-V1 CJ2 Special I/O Issue

    If the CPU has a memory card and dip switch 2 is turned on, it will transfer the settings stored in the memory card at power up. Maybe that's what is happening??
  9. omron cx-programmer version

    CX-Programmer is part of the CX-One package which contains everything that you need for communication. You can read programs from a running PLC . You can make program changes online while the PLC is running. You must place the PLC in program mode to download a complete program which stops the PLC.
  10. @(symbol)

    The @ symbol before a DM or EM address can also be used to specify a binary (decimal) indirect address. For example: If E0_1000 contains &25 then MOV #FF @E0_1000 moves FF hex into E0_1025.
  11. New laptop, comms errors

    The PLC and PC want to be in the same subnet, so you need to either change the PLC IP address to or change the PC to It is possible to communicate between subnets using routing tables, but it generally is a lot more trouble than it is worth. Omron uses port 9600 for communication. The port number generally soes not have any effect unless you are going through a router.
  12. New laptop, comms errors

    What IP address is the notebook set to? It must be in the same subnet.
  13. Particulate Measurement In CX Programmer?

    Don't forget to turn on the current/voltage switch for that input which is located behind the terminal block.
  14. Particulate Measurement In CX Programmer?

    Your AD081 module should work fine. Just set one input up as 4-20ma current loop and connect the sensor according to the dwyer wiring diagram..
  15. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    You cannot directly change that setting. Disconnect detection will automatically be turned on when any input is set to 1-5v/4-20ma and that input is set as used. If an entire module isn't working, then something else is wrong. Has the I/O setup actually been downloaded to the PLC?? If it was changed online, was the power or unit reset bit cycled?? Try connecting to your PLC with CX-P and open the I/0 table and Unit setup tab. Under "Options" select "Compare with PLC" to see if the PLC setup actually matches your program.