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  1. @(symbol)

    The @ symbol before a DM or EM address can also be used to specify a binary (decimal) indirect address. For example: If E0_1000 contains &25 then MOV #FF @E0_1000 moves FF hex into E0_1025.
  2. New laptop, comms errors

    The PLC and PC want to be in the same subnet, so you need to either change the PLC IP address to or change the PC to It is possible to communicate between subnets using routing tables, but it generally is a lot more trouble than it is worth. Omron uses port 9600 for communication. The port number generally soes not have any effect unless you are going through a router.
  3. New laptop, comms errors

    What IP address is the notebook set to? It must be in the same subnet.
  4. Particulate Measurement In CX Programmer?

    Don't forget to turn on the current/voltage switch for that input which is located behind the terminal block.
  5. Particulate Measurement In CX Programmer?

    Your AD081 module should work fine. Just set one input up as 4-20ma current loop and connect the sensor according to the dwyer wiring diagram..
  6. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    You cannot directly change that setting. Disconnect detection will automatically be turned on when any input is set to 1-5v/4-20ma and that input is set as used. If an entire module isn't working, then something else is wrong. Has the I/O setup actually been downloaded to the PLC?? If it was changed online, was the power or unit reset bit cycled?? Try connecting to your PLC with CX-P and open the I/0 table and Unit setup tab. Under "Options" select "Compare with PLC" to see if the PLC setup actually matches your program.
  7. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    You can set each individual input to disconnect detection in the I/O table unit setup. You can test for disconnection by reading CIO word +9 (2009 for unit 0) bits 0-7. This only applies to I/O channels set to 1-5V/4-20ma. The documentation is in the W345 manual, section 3-6.
  8. Handle dates in cx programmer

    There is a function block posted here to do it. I haven't tried it.
  9. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    I tried the CX-P version 9.6 simulator here with one of my CP1L programs and it worked fine, so I don't really have any idea what to tell you. I guess what you are doing is about the best idea until you can sort it out.
  10. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    That's definitely kinda weird! The only thing I can think of is to check the PLC device type to make sure it is set to CP1L.
  11. New content Icon???

    The bug has returned again. It only seems to effect the General Topics and Omron which have sub-forums.   Seems to be OK now.
  12. OMRON Input Pulse to SET Instruction

    Try using the @SET instruction. That will be a single program cycle SET.
  13. Single Acting Solenoid Valve Does Not Actuate

    Check to see if the same output is used elsewhere in your program. Also check to be sure that the rung is being processed.
  14. Help to find out specification of analog card AD-081-V1

    Download the W368 manual from the Omron Europe website. It has all the information on analog I/O.
  15. Which plc is the best?

    If your concern is really "how long will it last?" the answer is that almost any PLC will last longer than the development tools. I am still keeping two Windows 98 notebooks alive to support some PLCs that were developed using DOS based software. Those PLC's will outlast the notebooks!