CJ1W-AD041-V1 - Damaging Channels

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Good Afternoon, I Need you help to fix something that is driving me crazy, here is the story:

I am using a CJ1W-AD041-V1 to sense a motor current thru a current transducer ( Ohio Semitronics Mod. CT8-006D ) 

the nominal current we are sensing is 800 mA ( 8V )

Module is set at 0 - 10  VDC

 [ 100 mA = 1 V ] 

Lately,  module's channels are being damaged, and I cannot find the root cause

 I added a zener diode + resistor to limit the input voltage to 10 VDC ( at the module's terminals ) but did not help at all -

it starts by reading half of the actual reading but, it deteriorates after more testing, until it is completely damaged ( not reading at all, either #0000 or #FFFF )  


Thanks in advance for your replies




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I suspect that the signal coming from that transducer is not DC but is an AC signal and that the high voltage peaks on the signal are destroying the AD041 module input channels.

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according to article number, CT8-006D has 0-10V input.  i'm thinking that something else is going on.... besides, this used to work.


about resistor and zener - what values did you choose? this should be more than enough to protect input.

is the input wired and configured for correct range?


how about wiring? did anything change? transducer is powered by separate source? how exactly? are they referenced to common point?

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