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  1. Moving values to memory

    Thank You @Mendon Systems . I tried this function and it most likely works as I desired.
  2. Moving values to memory

    I tried it before creating this thread with this function. It doesn't work like we think. Try to use it with differentiate. It moves new value to D1000 and move consecutive words down.
  3. Moving values to memory

    Hi guys, I have a little problem. I'm creating application with rotary table. With every rotate, I make data shift, but when I turn off and on machine again I need to write &0 to several consecutive registers. So, I need to write &0 from D1000 to D1500. Is there any function block with this functionality? Maybe I have to write my own function block to do it ? Or use indirect addressing to do it?   Thanks, starunas
  4. FINS over Network

    Hello Manowar, you need to prepare frame to use it with this function blocks. For example: D200 - numbers of words to send. D201 - transmit to network numer xx and port of Serial Communication Board xx. D202 - Node number xx and unit adress xx. .... Look at instruction for these blocks. At the bottom of instruction SEND(090), you can find hints for it. Best regards.