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  1. RTU Modbus With CJ2M PLC and 3G3RX Drives on RS485

  2. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

  3. CX-One Programmer Start up error_OCX

    I would try using the CX-One remover utility.  It is in the Utility folder of your CX-One installation disk.  Then reinstall.  Make sure to run as administrator when you run the install.
  4. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Ah, yes.  I did not read closely enough.
  5. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    @jpen_110  Programs are different from machine to machine, so sample code may not help.  Also, the code is not attached.
  6. Manual for 3F88L-130/132 Cam Positioner

    Here is the manual link again, it is not working above: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/354-3f88l-132o002-cam-positioner/
  7. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    @Jay Anthony, he doesn't want to use CX-Programmer or a laptop at all.  He is looking for a way to do it from the HMI.
  8. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    Yes, your code does not look like it would work.   Try this: Make sure to set the TotalSeconds variable as retained: This will work and you will get this: To get your time in years you will have to do this: AutoTimeDateStruct.Year - 1970 To get the time in months, you will have to do this: AutoTimeDateStruct.month - 1 To get the time in days, you will have to do this:  AutoTimeDateStruct.day - 1 The other variables can be used without any math. 
  9. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    @xcanowarx, that is what I meant by this statement in my original post.  The state of the bit will remain in the same state that it was forced to unless the program changes it or it is an input point.   There is not really a way around this. Unless you know what bit is forced.  if you know what bit is forced, you can force it off using a 2301 command to both force the bit off and then cancel the force.  
  10. Add sensor detection inside plc omron

    You will need to post much more information before anyone can help. What kind of PLC?   What are you trying to do? What kind of sensor?  (PNP or NPN) What input module?  Or is it an input built into the PLC? Attach your PLC program. There will then likely be more questions after you have answered these questions.  
  11. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Thanks!  I assumed (incorrectly) that if it would not let me modify the file that it also would not let me rename it.
  12. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    You can use the DTToDateStruct function to break each part of the DT variable out into integers and then display the ones that you want on the HMI individually.
  13. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Nice @Jay Anthony!  I could not find anything on FINS Command in script....Thanks!   I am having trouble modifying the MacroINS.def file as it says that I don't have permission. I have tried to change folder Read Only settings and other settings to no avail.
  14. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    I don't believe the NS can issue the FINS command, but you can certainly do it in the PLC and use the HMI to trigger the code.  See below: Note that this just cancels forces, if the ladder (or if it is an input) does not affect the bit in question, it will maintain the same state.
  15. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    I was referring to the Beckhoff eds file, thank you. You may need to use Beckhoff software to download settings to the CPU as well as the Omron configurator. How would I know if the eds file is ok?  Well, typically, CPUs do not look like I/O and the reason is this:  you can only assign one EtherNet/IP master to control outputs.  For instance if I have an output module, only one master could control the outputs, otherwise, how would it decide which master to obey.  If the Beckhoff CPU is this way, then only one Omron CPU could sent it data.  It does not make sense.  Perhaps Beckhoff is doing something in the background to get around this, but I cannot tell.  I just wanted to mention it.  I would contact Beckhoff and make sure that you have the proper EDS file.     One other note.  Usually you have to set up the Consume (or input) connection on the CPU on both ends. So, for Omron to Beckhoff, typically I would expect to configure the connection in the Beckhoff.  For Beckhoff to Omron, I would have expected to configure the connection in the Omron controller.  This is most certainly how it works when connecting two Omron PLCs together.  
  16. Description Entry

    I think @BobB has a typo above, he meant "Copy from the Symbol table..."
  17. NA screen acknowledge alarms on reset?

    The only thing that I can think of is to uncheck Popup and Acknowledge in the alarm setting, but then make Global Events for the alarm bit.  If you want the window to close automatically, you will need to make an event for the on and the off condition. This is a bit tedious, but it will work.
  18. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    Yes, you would use Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP (or you could use Beckhoff's software, but I can't help with that).  Do you have the EDS file for this device?  If you post it, perhaps I can help.   I have been unable to locate the file.
  19. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    It won't really be a "slave", but you can set the Omron EIP units up to produce data that the Beckhoff can consume.  It should work fine.
  20. NJ controller and 1S servo position after power cycle

    I am guessing that it is indeed as you say.  Check here: Make sure to download to the NJ afterwards for and cycle power for good measure.  
  21. IEMS instruction migration

    @NPlayer  I fixed the links in the other posts.  Let me know if you find one that I missed.  
  22. IEMS instruction

    I did one of your rungs as an example: Here is the original: Portion_Cutter section 12 rung 8.cxp Here is the converted: Portion_Cutter section 12 rung 8 converted.cxp I have removed all other rungs to make it more clear. Note that you must use a CPU45 or higher to get the EM banks required by your program. Also, note that you can use the IR registers over again later in the program as long as you reset the pointers each time you go to use them. (note that your original code did not set all the pointers back to zero after using them, so I did not in my conversion. Just an FYI, you do not have to reset them, you can just set them for what you need them for later on.

    If you are trying to move the first word starting at the indirect reference pointer, then the code below would work: Here is an example of using DR and IR registers: Index Registers and Data Registers work as pairs. So, if you had the code shown below: The first move instruction is similar to the move that you are trying to do. The MOVR instruction will move the internal memory location address into IR0, in this example, it is moving the pointer to D0 into IR0. The last MOV instruction moves an offset of 15 into the DR address. So, when the first move executes (assuming that you have already done the MOVR and the last MOV), then the data in D15 would be moved into D500. So, the DR is the offset from the address that the IR is pointing to. In your example, the IR internal address is already set from the RSEARCH instruction, so no need for the MOVR instruction. In the first example above, I used a constant for my offset instead of a DR address. This means that using an offset of 0, move the data from the address pointed to by IR0, which was D0 in your example. Good luck.
  24. Help with SEND function block

    @control-amsb I do not see any pictures that are not already fixed.  I only see some links to some pictures that a user put in the posts.  If the links that were shared are no longer valid, I cannot fix them.  You could try to contact @ozeufu and see if he / she can fix the links or share the pictures.  Or, if I am missing something, please let me know and I will try to fix it for you.
  25. Omron PLC CPU 43 series and Pro face HMI

    Something is wrong with the communications between the PLC and the HMI.  It is difficult to say what given only this information.  Are they communicating Serially or with Ethernet?  If the PLC seems to be functioning ok otherwise, I would check the communications cable between the two.