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  1. PME Costs

    Rough cost is about $600 USD at the low end which does not include RX3i PAC and $3000 which does. Contact GE or your dealer for a quote. They are also very liberal with their 'Trial Licenses', just ask.
  2. Problem with Ethernet module CMM321

    Cimplicity ME is out of date for about ten years, update to Proficy ME, also the 90-30 platform is outdated and 'should' be updated to RX3i. Contact your dealer for details on these:  
  3. You should have started a new post for this. The latest version for that unit is "V1_Build21"  so I suggest you update it and try again. From this page choose the link labeled: "Firmware update for QuickPanel+ 10", 12", and 15" with Windows CE.NET v7.00 (Windows Embedded Compact 7)" And if you mean that your Proficy ME is version 7 Build 2824, update it too. You only give us half the information, if you have a GE PAC CPU set the variables in it to Type REAL and in the QuickPanel Type LREAL.  Please read the QP documentation for details of why.    
  4. The product not authorized to run for VersaPro 2.00

    As GE owns both of those products and logging into either without a valid license is against the law here in the USA you need to call GE for your answers. Plus both are at least 15 years old and likely need to be updated to present day versions to operate properly on modern hardware and OS's.  
  5. Proficy activation help!

    Call GE Tech Support they take care of issues like this every day.  
  6. GE Commnet

    I have worked with GE Industrial products and networks since 1989 and have never heard of that C'net. Could it be CCM, it's been around since the early 1980's?
  7. GE Proficy 9.0 - Remote I/O Communication Failure Help

    You should be able to find your information here: (Be sure to view the Landing Pages) PNC001 PNS001
  8. Quick Panel (TCP model) Upload

    Get one of these for about $50 and you will be good to go. I have tested it in the W7 Virtual XP-Mode add-on, and in the W7 host, works great.  
  9. More detail as to what you are upgrading/migrating from and to would be helpful and likely get you more useful results.
  10. Quick Panel (TCP model) Upload

    I have never had good luck using a generic USB to Serial Device. Find a PC with a real serial port either on the PC or a docking station.
  11. Versamax CPU and array

    You may do that, what is your question?  
  12. Thanks For All of Your Valuable Posts and Replies ,All of them Explains a Lot :)

    I am New to GE-Cimplicity Platform

    Can you Plz Look Into My Matter too... :(


  13. Iwo

    Did you read the manuals that I linked you to in the other forum? They have all the details for the 90-30 side. You can find them here: If you need more information search with more relevant terms. Also as indicated you will have better results by updating your software to Proficy Machine Edition and hardware to the latest available firmware level. For this contact your GE PLC supplier. The 90-30 also uses Hexadecimal, Signed Integer Decimal or binary in either 16 bit (INT) or 32 bit (DINT or REAL) data types.
  14. Programming cable

    Connect the pins above -- of your other device. RxD -- TxD TxD -- RxD GND -- Signal Ground DTR -- DSR Ignore all others, in most cases. Or optionally jumper DTR to DSR on each end. If we knew exactly which port the other end was going to connect to someone may be more specific.  
  15. I suggest that you start here and assign the youths to evaluate a couple and if they do not have electrical symbol libraries verify that symbol libraries are easily imported or developed and make the first project in learning the software developing a few electrical symbols. This would be a good choice as most of what is learned here can be transitioned to AutoCAD later.