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Old series 90 micro with 15 pin can you convert the ladder logic to a versamax with rj45 programming port using proficy machine edition

Plc cable for 90 micro will show up Saturday delivery and have to travel to remote location and have zero GE experience 

Looking for some advice managed to get familiar with software and got code uploaded from versamax so was hoping to change processor or copy and paste logic only 35 rungs so could rebuild by hand if necessary 

thanks for taking time to read 

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Open the project in Proficy Machine Edition. In the "Properties" window of the PLC target, expand the "Families" item and select the new product family. The software will flag any anomalies it encounters, but I don't expect there will be any for a conversion between Series 90 Micro and VersaMax Micro.

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The new cable works great but I'm getting an error 

"the selected memory couldn't be uploaded from the connected device" then it kicks me off I can upload the hardware, and I/O tables But no ladder 

Now that I'm sitting in my easy chair and looking I may have messed up 

I made a new project in Proficy and may have had the wrong processor in the project when I was trying to upload? \

Looking for some ideas to try or if I have to find some legacy software

thanks alot 

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