Inhibit IO Modules Programaticcaly in Studio 5000

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Does anybody know if its possible to access the "Inhibit Module" tick box within the Hardware Device Connection tab from the PLC code?

I'm hoping to turn this on / off depending on whether certain modules of machine are physically installed.  e.g. A Kinetix Drive / Point IO etc.


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Yes, you can. It will be an SSV instruction.
Use the Class Name "Module", Instance Name of the module, Attribute Name "Mode". For "Source", use a tag with bit 2 set. For more info, put an SSV instruction in your program, highlight it, and hit "F1" to open the help. Then scroll down to the bottom and select "GSV/SSV Objects" and then scroll down to click the link "Module".

Here's a screenshot of two SSV instructions that inhibit and un-inhibit a module:
There should be rung conditions to enable it as needed, of course. Probably couple the SSV with a GSV to verify it has changed state so you can disable the SSV instruction.

That's all based on v32 of Logix Designer.

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