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  1. Thanks for the advise.  VBA is an option but will take some time to develop.  Was really hoping there might be a standard function that I was missing.  If I have time I will try the VBA route but for now I think I will stick to the clunky features available in FT View.  Thanks Again
  2. Thanks for the replies.  Unfortunately I'm using FT View SE v13.0 as this is the customer requirement.  This software doesn't seem to have too many many features built in to it compared to other systems ive used, but was hoping this might be hidden away in an active X component somewhere... Its running on a non Rockwell PC windows 10 PC.
  3. Hi All, I'm try to create a string data entry that needs some fairly strict data validation.  As such it can only be one of a fairly large (Circa 100) list of predetermined strings.  Rather than a clunky drop down menu, I'd like to create a data entry system that will allow the user to start typing the string and and have the overall number of possibilities slowly reduce as the user gets closer to the selection they need.   Very Similar to a lookup table in excel!!  Has anybody managed to create this and if so was there a specific tool that made this possible? Any Advise would be appreciated. Thanks    
  4. Thanks Joe, That's a massive help.
  5. Hi, Does anybody know if its possible to access the "Inhibit Module" tick box within the Hardware Device Connection tab from the PLC code? I'm hoping to turn this on / off depending on whether certain modules of machine are physically installed.  e.g. A Kinetix Drive / Point IO etc. Thanks