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I used to learn OMRON's PLC back in my diploma days, and its just ladder diagram, after i finished my diploma intern, the PLC program that my company used is mitsubishi GX Works3, its a big different to me since theres new program to be learned, such as structure diagram, function block etc, is there any website that i can learn or youtube channel/forum? i just wanted to find the correct way for me to learn, currently using the Q-series model:- R61P thanks :). I'm sorry if i asked a weird question :)

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R61P is a power supply, not a PLC.  And R is not Q Series.

As Gambit shared the link, Mitsubishi does have some on-line eLearning based materials.  But you may want to talk to a local distributor or local Mitsubishi office about the available in-person training offerings.  I know the US offers a variety of training classes on the controllers and GX Works3.

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