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I have a global sidebar that has all of my page navigation buttons.  Is there a way to hide a certain button based on the current page that is displayed (i.e. "Manual" button is invisible when the Manual screen is displayed)?  I know how to make a button visible/invisible based on a tag or expression, but I don't know how to do it based on the current page.

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What HMI are you using?

If you're using a PanelView Plus:

Right-click on an empty area of each display and open "Display Settings". There's a field called "Display Number". Make sure each display has a unique number. Or at least, give the manual display its own number that no other display has. Unfortunately, when you create a new display, the software doesn't automatically assign it a unique number so if your project already has a lot of displays and this feature isn't already in use this step can be annoying.
In the project explorer, open "Global Connections". On the "Display" tab, enter a tagname in "Replace Display Number". That tag gets written with the number of the current display. I've only ever seen PLC tags used here, for when the PLC needs to know where the HMI is, but you could probably use an internal HMI tag too.
Back on the manual display, select the object whose visibility you want to control and go to the "Animation" menu above the toolbar. Select "Visibility". The animation dialog box will open. You can write an expression comparing the display number tag to the number you gave the manual display. If they're equal, the object can be visible.
NOTE: if you're using a display to show the global sidebar, the "current display" tag may be written with the number of the popup. I've never tested that, so you may have to put a numeric display on there temporarily to watch the value of that tag if the visibility doesn't do what you want. Since global connection is "Replace Display Number" and your options for showing a display are "Replace" or "On Top", and a popup would be "On Top", I think this will work...but you never know until you try.


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