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  1. This is a multiple part question... 1.  How is everyone doing their recipe screens? Currently I have a Product_Matrix, that is indexed through a piloted list on the HMI, which is connected to a Matrix_Pilot_Number. That Pilot Number points to the specific entry in the Matrix array.  I have the Current_Model, which is whatever has been selected out of the Product_Matrix.  The Current_Model can be altered but doesn't affect the Matrix until it has been saved (usually by an elevated User Level). 2. Is there a way to import/export recipes into the system with an xml (or some type) of file? It could be either sending a file or an email that the PLC looks for, or inserting a USB into the PV and hitting an import button.  This would be very helpful for customers who have multiple parameters and are wanting to set up a new product.
  2. I have a global sidebar that has all of my page navigation buttons.  Is there a way to hide a certain button based on the current page that is displayed (i.e. "Manual" button is invisible when the Manual screen is displayed)?  I know how to make a button visible/invisible based on a tag or expression, but I don't know how to do it based on the current page.
  3. Cognex Data Logging

    Anyone know how I can create a log of results from a Cognex vision system?  I have 3 cameras that look at various thinks... clip presence, clip height, clip angle.  There are 2 clips per part and 6 parts per tool.  This makes it hard to zero in on what I areas I need to tweak. Thanks! P.S. I've heard that maybe their OPC Server could do this but I don't have much experience with it (actually I don't have a whole lot of vision experience at all).  From what I've briefly read, I just install the server, set up the tag within the server, start it, and I can just drag and drop the tags into an Excell cell?  If this is true, this just gives me another way to read the values.  How can I create a database or log of these tags?
  4. 90-30 Timer over 16 minutes

    I think it might be a conflict with my HMI. I was watching the PLC while online, and timing it, and it seemed to be fine. Variable Report.csv
  5. 90-30 Timer over 16 minutes

    I have already realigned my %R register to account for the expansion.
  6. 90-30 Timer over 16 minutes

  7. 90-30 Timer over 16 minutes

    I have a 90-30 system.  Once a timer gets to 16 minutes, it goes back to 10 and it never really times out.  I am using an HMI to set the timer. I multiply that number and use it at the PV.  I thought maybe I needed to use a DWORD, but once I changed my register and all of my timers, and tested it, it still did the same thing. Thoughts???