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Hey. I have a PLC program I need to customized to a diffrent PLS (CP1L).  PLS ony support CX-programmer.  I miss the I/O list. Are there a easy workarund here, to find out the IO list ? 


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The IO addresses are printed on the covers of the CP1.


You will see '0CH' '1CH' on the top cover and '100CH' '101CH' on the bottom one. And next to them 0, 1, 2, etc.. that's telling you where the IOs are mapped. 0CH + 0 = 0.00. 1CH + 10 = 1.10.

Inputs start at 0.00 and outputs start at 100.00. You can see the straight list in Programmer by clicking this button:


If you want to see the actual value:


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