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Greetings, I'm currently connected to a NT20S-ST128B display. I got the communications working, the NT software (4.87) recognizes the touchscreen, but I can't backup the data. I'm going to throw it away but I need a backup to recreate the program in a new HMI.

It throws this screen, which is kinda self explanatory. I downloaded the software 'NT2S_Version1.3C' from mrplc but I can't install it. This dos tool it asks for.. is it available anywhere?


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That NTST version (2.23) from here seems to be missing some files. I downloaded it from myomron and all the menus that were missing are in this one. It has more executables. I managed to backup the whole screen.

I did as follows..

  • Own RS232 cable, with classic pinout (2-2, 3-3, 9-5, short 4/5)
  • Serial converter to USB (ftdi)
  • NT Support Tools 2.23 from myomron, executed in virtual machine WinXP x86
  • Configure ftdi driver to port COM2
  • Bring the hidden configuration screen in the HMI (pressing two corners at the same time), selecting Transmit Mode
  • F7 key menu in the NT software to backup
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