Communication error 7 (Incorrect address)

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Good day, i have a delta DOP -BV107 HMI integrated with a Delta DVP-14 SS2. The communication method is a RS232. I have checked all parameters, addresses and stations from the comms side countless amount of times, however I am still getting a write error communication error 7 (Incorrect address) on the HMI side. 

Can you please help with how I can resolve this and the method to take to do so ? Also if you need additional information from me to solve the problem. 

Kind Regards

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I am not a Delta Expert, but screenshots of the Configuration Pages as you've programmed them would most likely be useful to the Delta folks.

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hello, did you find any solution, because i am also facing the same problem. communication error 7 (incorrect address)

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In order to have a working HMI<->PLC serial communication you should have:

1) 2 Modbus nodes supporting same communication interfaces, formats and baudrates

2) correct interface cable (Delta is selling communication cables). I personally make the cables myself, but I have a lot of experience with Delta.

3) correct settings of both nodes (If HMI is set to RS-232, ASCII mode, 7, E, 1, 9600BPS for example, the PLC has to be set the same way)

4) different communication addresses (if HMI is 1, PLC should be for example 2)

5) correct screen object target register address set in the HMI


To do that you should set correct both devices. In DOPsoft still when choosing the HMI model the Project wizard is opened where you can choose which port at which interface and communication format to set. The communication addresses of both devices could be set there too.

If you're working with WPLsoft, there is an option to set both COM ports of the PLC with the Communication program wizard. I don't use ISPsoft, but as long as I know the COMMGR is used there for the communication settings.


Every HMI screen object target register address (write or read) should point to proper register address from the memory of the PLC. For example if you want to turn on PLC Y0 output from the HMI you should use Set to on button which target address should point to the Y0 thru the communication link.


Setting a working serial communication between DOP-107BV and DVP-SS2 is the most easiest thing when all conditions above are met. I'm using the DVP RS-232 port only for program upload/download/monitor/online edit actions. The RS-485 of the PLC is much suitable for HMI<->PLC communications.

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