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studio5000 FBE signal lines

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Is there a way to manage the signal lines that connect instructions in Studio5000 FBE logic, or do I have to settle for wherever the lines end up?


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You can manage the lines by not having any. For instance, using a very simple example of a multiply block\

I created a Multiply block and called it X1. X1 tags are:

X1.SourceA, X1SourceB, and X1.Dest

In structured text I could do

X1.SourceA := tag or value

X1.SourceB := tag or value

X1.Dest could be mapped to another tag or just use X1.Dest

If you don't have Structured text use a MOV move a value to X1.SourceA and X1.SourceB

Very crude example.


Here's a real life example of how I map tags to/from a liquid orifice plate calculation:

// Liquid Orifice Flow Calculation

FI2101.HW := Analog[30].PV;
FI2101.Tf := 98.0;
FI2101.D := 6.065;
FI2101.Bore := 3.625;
FI2101.Sg60 := .7813;
FI2101.SgF := 0.7726;
FI2101.ngpm := 5.667;
FI2101.nbph := 8.096;

FI2201.HW := Analog[37].PV;
FI2201.Tf := 98.0;
FI2201.D := 6.065;
FI2201.Bore := 3.625;
FI2201.Sg60 := .7813;
FI2201.SgF := 0.7726;
FI2201.ngpm := 5.667;
FI2201.nbph := 8.096;

The left side is the input to a function block.

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Thanks Michael. Those are cool/useful examples; however, I have PID, SUB, ADD, BOR, BAND, SEL, ESEL, RLIM, GEQ, etc blocks tied together in a function block subroutine, and I was hoping to find a way to clean up the lines.

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