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  1. I am having an issue with an RLIM FBE instruction in my RSLogix5000 program. When the 04_Position_Ctrl FBE subroutine is called every scan, the RLIM executes as expected. By this I mean if RLIM_01.IncRate is set to 1.0 and I change RLIM_01.In from 0-100 via SEL_VAR[0], it takes 100 seconds for the RLIM_01.Out to reach 100. However, when the 04_Position_Ctrl FBE subroutine is called every 1000 mS by the S_Timer[0] timer on _00_Main rung 1, it takes a nonsensical 36 minutes and 53 seconds for RLIM_01.Out to reach 100. I did further testing via Studio 5000 Logix Emulate, and discovered that when the S_Timer[0] timer XIC contact is not bypassed on _00_Main rung 1, it is not consistent on the ramp time. By that I mean that it takes 36 minutes & 53 seconds to ramp from 0 to 100 one time, but the next time it takes 38 minutes & 26 seconds. Can you please explain why this behaves in this manner, and how I can better ascertain the proper IncRate value to reach 100 within 1000 seconds instead of 100 seconds, while the S_Timer[0].DN XIC is not bypassed by DDS_OVR[0] on rung1 of _00_Main routine? I saved the program as L5K, as attached… “RLIM_test.L5K”. Remember that I am testing the logic with Studio 5000 Emulator. Here are some associated screenshots. Thanks for your help. rlim_pics.pdf RLIM_test.L5K
  2. RSLogix5000 CDM

    Thanks, I use the monitor tags window all the time but it takes up too much room on the screen which is why I inquired about the CDM. I found the watch window, but not the quick watch window. The watch window also takes up a lot of real estate, but seems to only be pulling up tags from the current FBE sheet. I found the quick watch window, which most closely resembles CDMs. Thanks for your help.
  3. RSLogix5000 CDM

    Does RSLogix5000 & Studio5000 have CDMs-Custom Data Monitors? Also, does the trending work when using Studio5000 Emulate? I can build trends but they do not draw lines.
  4. studio5000 FBE signal lines

    Thanks Michael. Those are cool/useful examples; however, I have PID, SUB, ADD, BOR, BAND, SEL, ESEL, RLIM, GEQ, etc blocks tied together in a function block subroutine, and I was hoping to find a way to clean up the lines.
  5. studio5000 FBE signal lines

    Is there a way to manage the signal lines that connect instructions in Studio5000 FBE logic, or do I have to settle for wherever the lines end up?