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Just a quicky

I have to go to an abandoned job tomorrow.

By abandoned, I mean the suppliers of a new control system delivered the finished panel 6 months ago and for whatever reason have never come back

I have been asked to complete it. They have sent me photos and not a wire is connected to the panel and the PLC is an FX 3u

I had a thought, what if it was programmed with GX works 2.

At the moment, I only have GX Developer on my main laptop (I have GX Works 2) 

Will a program in the PLC programmed in GXW2 be able to be uploaded with GX DEV.

I don't have a spare plc to test but want to avoid installing it tonight if possible.


Has anyone tried this?






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ehm any reason Why you like to work with GX Developer if you have GX Works 2 ???

Anyway I guess you would read the program but you would loose all comments and such if it was downloaded with GX Works 2 at all.
Also things like Structured text will be now the compiled code

Also  a password maybe in the PLC preventing you from uploading it.




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Thanks Gambit.

I don't know what I'll find then - but I will install GX2 anyway :(

If it's protected, it will be a start from scratch program then.


I've used GXW2 on plc's GXDEV didn't cover but I just didn't get along with it.

I know if I spend time learning it, I will but I know GXDEV inside out and if I can use that, I will. :)

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