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Hey guys

I have searched the forum, but can not find the answer I am looking for.

I have an Omron Nx102-9000 along with an NA5 (9 ") that I use to control an industrial furnace.

I need to set an output one at a given time (date and time)

 A time that should be able to specified from day to day via the HMI

Is there anyone who can help me?

Then I would really appreciate it

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This code will check the entered date and the current time and turn on the output for 1s.


Here is the sDT format that you can use to enter the setpoint on the HMI.  Of course you could customize this to have the operator enter some of the fields and fix some of the fields to constants in the NX102 (for instance always move the current year into the year setpoint field or something similar).


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