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  1. temperature spread

    In general my cycle for the oven is around 10-12 hours. During this cycle, two sensors can’t have a spread of more than 10 degrees Celsius.    My first idea was to make my own function block for the task in hand. But I have to acknowledge my abilities, ain’t sufficient for the job.    I might end up with contacting Omron field support for the job. 
  2. I'm working on a program for an industrial furnace. On the oven there are X number of temperature sensors. There must be a maximum difference of +/- 10 degrees Celsius, measured between two sensors, we call it temperature spread. If the difference between two temperature sensors exceeds 10 degrees Celsius, an alarm must be generated for my data collection system (bool). Is the sysmac studio equipped with a function block that can do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. I want to take data from an AllenBradley SLC 505, and send it to an Omron NX102-9000. Specifically F8: 46 from my SLC 505, which is a temperature sensor. Both PLCs are on the same Ethernet network, each with its own IP address. Have you tried it?
  4. Hey guys I have searched the forum, but can not find the answer I am looking for. I have an Omron Nx102-9000 along with an NA5 (9 ") that I use to control an industrial furnace. I need to set an output one at a given time (date and time)  A time that should be able to specified from day to day via the HMI Is there anyone who can help me? Then I would really appreciate it