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Good morning,

I am working with sysmac studio v1.25 controller NX1P2 and HMI NA5. I have been trying to link and modify members of an structure in HMI without success and I don't know if i'm missing some syntax or if it is even possible what I am trying to do.

1. In the PLC I have the struct "Formato" and global variable "Formatos" which is an array of Formato.

2. I have mapped this variable to the NA5 so I can use the same data type.

3. I am trying to give a value to the members of my struct with a recipe of the HMI. I am trying with different syntax, with AT connection, without AT connection and none is working for me.


Is it possible what I am trying to do?


Thanks very much in advance,


Controller - User types.PNG

Controller - Variables.PNG

HMI I-O mapping.PNG

HMI- User types.PNG

HMI - global variables.PNG

HMI - Recipe.PNG

HMI - global variables.PNG

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No he profundizado en tu problema. Pero yo he tenido un problema, sino igual, similar el cual no me permitia asignar variables del controlador en una receta.

Lo que hice es crear una estructura idéntica en el hmi que funcione de puente entre las recetas y la structura del controlador.

Lo que yo hacia en el codigo vb de las paginas era un metodo "AssignFrom" para pasar los valores de una estructura a otra siempre que el nombre de las variables en ambas estructuras fuesen los mismos.



PD: I hope it's ok for the admins if I write in spanish since he seems to be from Spain too. I can translate to english If necessary.

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I've had this issue in the past. I believe I had to (From the HMI) Reset Variable Mapping, Delete the Data Type, Delete the Variable, then Create Device Variable again.

I just tried to recreate the problem and could not. This issue may be fixed as I'm using Version 1.29.2 now. Maybe you should update your software.

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