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  1. Hi, not a pro on win10 settings and networks   This is my configuration:   I use alternative configuration IP whenever I disconnect my Ethernet cable from the router that gives me Internet and plug another Ethernet to communicate with a PLC. Until here, everything is fine, however I need to connect to a second PLC which has an IP on a different subnet (88.x.x.x) so I have to modify this Alternative IP ( everytime I switch between PLCs. One solution would be to set my first PLC IP to 88.x.x.x and be on the same subnet, yes, that's possible. But I would like to know if there's a way to add a second alternative IP via cmd or registry edit or with any kind of modification to avoid going to this config dialog everytime. I guess the first solution is the most direct an easy one. But I would like to know if it's possible through Win10. Thanks in advance.
  2. Testing FINS

    Thank you, need to check this tomorrow
  3. Testing FINS

    Hello, you mean this?:
  4. Testing FINS

    I'm quite lost with the addressing variables with %#####. Would be possible to point out where I can read (any documentation) about what purpose have those numbers, and how to set them in my controller?
  5. Testing FINS

    Going to try tomorrow with Ethernet/IP as you said... sorry if this looks obvious, I'm just starting with this type of communications. Also I don't know what happens with the data transmission inside a ethernet cable and this might sound stupid but, sending data through FINS on Port 1 won't have issues If I already use this Port 1 to connect to a HMI? (This Port goes to a Ethernet Switch)
  6. Testing FINS

    Sorry I was very busy with other things. Looks like I cannot use FINS with this controller, theres a warning note on the both manuals (from OMRON and from IbaPDA) that FINS can only be used from PORT 2. NJ101-9000 has no ETHERNET/IP PORT 2 (It is assigned to EtherCat). See the images: Software however detects the controller so there's still hope to use any other protocol: So the software contains many brands interfaces. I can only think of two interfaces I could use with the software and controller. See image: So I tried with Tags with no success. This is what I tried to do: From the controller: From the Software part: So what could I be possibly doing wrong here? This is the network in my widows: So as the previous image shown that the software detects the PLC at least ... I feel I'm missing something from both sysmac studio configuration and this data adquirer software configuration. Do you see something you could point out that is wrong? Any guess? Thank you
  7. Testing FINS

    The only thing I could know about the software is that it can interpret FINS data via Ethernet. It is a data adquisition software, I just want to test only sending data not recieve for the moment. My controller is compatible with FINS so the protocol aparently is not a problem.
  8. Hi I have a "NJ101 controller" that needs to "Send" some variable data to a "ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer" software for a client. The problem here is I have no way to test my function blocks on the ladder since I do not own this software for myself and I have only one controller. Do you know any free software I can use to recieve this data via ethernet cable o any way I can test these functions?
  9. Calling a sub

    Your guess is good but the diference between what you explain and what I need is that there's no event, in the Page I work with, to use and so specify to a dataDisplay a String from a variable depending on the SelectedTemplate, so I cannot reproduce what other controls have as easy as check the selected element event on control Events menu. We are talking about a RecipeViewer, it has no programmed event to choose when there's a change produced by selecting different item via touch screen by the user. So I had in mind to call a global sub each second to check the selected Template. Some more info about this is that I was using the RecipeViewer like a ListBox so I was hiding the RecipeNames and their properties and just showing the TemplatesNames. Anyways... I just figured out how to do this, and I was obssesed with using a RecipeViewer when the easiest solution was to use DataDisplays and Buttons in the end. So I was complicating myself too much. So I ended up deleting that control and remaking up the Page. I was interested to know how could I pass a specific control on a specific Page event to a global sub but there are better solutions in my case.    
  10. Hi Anyone knows the correct call to add a "tab" character into a dynamic String in Resources or in VB.Net Code? My tries always with a compiling error : myString = "I need to know how to add an" & vbTab & "tab" myString = "I need to know how to add an" & Convert.ToChar(Keys.Tab) & "tab" myString = "I need to know how to add an" & ControlChars.Tab & "tab" myString = "I need to know how to add an" & Chr(9) & "tab" myString = "I need to know how to add an" & ChrW(9) & "tab"   The reason for this is to fill a ListBox dynamically on a subroutine and get elements strings vertically visually right.
  11. RT1 Series

    Hi Anyone have experience with this remote connection system? What are the pros and cons? Any difficulties? Is it viable for companies that have their own ISP and private network? My intention is to get the starter kit + RT100 WiFi device, connect via sysmac studio to a controller in another country, my concern is how to set up the connection through the different networks to make a workable routing.
  12. There's not a single mention about those methods and functions... I guess I will have to go one by one consulting on the VB.Net Microsoft page...
  13. Calling a sub

    The problem is, how to call a property of a control inside a specific page on a Global event? Specifically there's no way to set something lke this: "PageName.RecipeViewer.SelectedTemplate"  
  14. This is related to this other Post:   On a NA HMI VB.Net code: How can I call a Subroutine from a specific page on a Global Event? Here are some pics to clarify:  
  15. Where I can find a good explanation of every possible item that is in this large list (visible when I write a dot for ex.) whenever I'm coding in vb parts of a NA HMI device? I might not use most of them but I need to understand what capabilities i'm missing when coding in VB.Net