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  1. Help with an error

    I managed to find out what was causing the problem. It was my fault, it was caused due to the missed array "(#)" characters on variable of a line code from a "Visibility" animation property from a Group of control tools inside one of my pages. It drived me crazy because normally these type of missing chars sends an error on the output tab while compiling. Which is rare to see program skipping it. So.... well... never forget double checking if variables are correctly written.
  2. Anyone could point me the cause of this error? I'm trying to start simulation, compilation goes well, I mean, generating the needed files throws no error but before showing the main page this error occurs. Simulation with the Controller goes ok, it's the attached HMI on the project that throws the error.  
  3. Hi On a NA programming page subroutine I was testing if something like this works but throws an error:   Sub getVariableName () Dim theVariableToWorkWith as Integer showMeVariableName = NameOf(theVariableToWorkWith) End sub First thing was to make a global variable : "showMeVariableName" as String (this variable will be assigned to a Data_Display). On page event whenever is itself displayed just call getVariableName sub and so, display "theVariableToWorkWith" text on a Data_Display object (it's text expression is the variable 'showMeVariablename'). As simple as that. So it's not possible or there's another way to get it?
  4. Logic using SET/RESET

    I cannot it's part of my company politics I work for.
  5. Logic using SET/RESET

    It worked... I knew nothing about that "race condition" it's something I could not learn about unless I experience it, I must be careful with this issue in the future. I owe you one, thanks a lot!
  6. Hi Apologies in advance, this is probably something very much asked in forums, but my mind does not get why this issue is happening. My variable: ERROR_LECTURA_REF_OVERVOLT[1] is not reset whenever my Temp_ten_ref_o_1_h TON output reachs the coil on the '203' rung. But instead making use of BTN_HMI_ADV_VOLT_READ_OK variable works right. Why is this? State 1 : State 2: Setting a high value for LECTURA_REF_LTS_OUT triggers the coil State 3: Rung '203' TON Q output reachs the coil ERROR_LECTURA_REF_OVERVOLT[1], this variable state stays active until I set down LECTURA_REF_LTS_OUT value on rung '66' State 4: ERROR_LECTURA_REF_OVERVOLT[1] is not reset despite the coil at rung '66' is not active (Why?) State 5: Input BTN_HMI_ADV_VOLT_READ_OK is set to true and once is false ERROR_LECTURA_REF_OVERVOLT[1] is reset Final state (state1):
  7. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Hmm, what do you mean? The project is constantly exported into one file every so often, but I open it through the sysmac saved projects. Both controller and HMI are in the same project.
  8. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    My project is quite heavy and I have to deal with constant lag and slowness while navigating specially through HMI windows. It is becoming a real problem since I cannot afford to get a better comp. Version 1.43 I would like to know if there's any way to liberate load to the project.
  9. Data monitoring

    Thank you I'm going to stick to the basics for the moment, that's all I can do with my limited knowlegde. Also I don't have a router or a server to connect my controller or NA to, so I cannot opt to many of these methods. I was hoping for a way to convert somehow that csv to a readable file (currently it's just a column with all the data) via any function by either controller or NA and also display it somehow on a NA page. Anyways I suppose I need to check some tutorials about all this matter.
  10. Newline / Carry Return

    Things I tried with an error as result: "line1" & vbCrLf & "line2" "line1" + vbCrLf + "line2" "line1" & ch(13) & "line2" "line1" + ch(13) + "line2" I found the correct property to add so for those looking for the same the code would be: anyStringVariable = "This is Line 1" & Environment.NewLine & "This is Line 2"  
  11. Newline / Carry Return

    Sorry, maybe I didn't explain it correctly. newline is not a variable. What I want to do is insert a carry return so I can visualize two lines, on the first one with "hello" and the second one "how are you" as an example. Showing it later on a DataDisplay with multiple lines. I need to know if there is a special character available in VB .net on sysmac studio.
  12. Data monitoring

    Alright, but how? What technologies can I implement to do this? Is SCADA compatible with my already programmed HMI pages? Does the generated CSV via NA USB offer any solution like import the info into a Database? Or is more recommended to use function blocks on NJ to send the data I want via some communication protocol? Like send it to a server? Thank you
  13. Hi I'm a bit lost here. I work with Sysmac studio with a NJ101 Controller along with a NA5 HMI. I show a page with a trendGraph some of the variables values (turned into %) in real time that come as inputs from the NX-Units. Also save this data trace into a USB connected to the NA so it turns into a csv. And that's it. But this does not give me a solution. I don't know if there's better ways for this. This seems not even a first step for a solid client side professional software. So, I need some help here. I read somewhere I can also monitorize with function blocks on ladder and then later save the data on a SDCard and then later send that data to a server?. But I want to keep the visual page so I have to use a trendGraph and somehow connect both sides (controller and hmi) What kind of solutions can Omron offer regarding Data Monitoring. I don't want to stop on having just a USB with a csv. file that a client has no idea on how to process that data. What are some examples of a good Data tracing system with sysmac studio? Thank in advance
  14. Hi It is possible to specify a newline on a vb page on a NA Series Page? Sub subroutine Dim var as string var = "Hello" + (insert newline) + "How are you?" End sub Edit: forgot to specify that the variable is Global (so no DIm...) and later used as a expression for a dataDisplay control. Thank you in advance
  15. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My suggestion is to enable TrendGraph visualization in simulation mode of NA