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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My suggestion is to enable TrendGraph visualization in simulation mode of NA
  2. Resources

    Hello Any way I can check which resources are being used on page elements / alarms / etc. and which not? I feel like my project is getting slower to load because of the thousands of strings I have in resources but probably using 30% of them. Any method for fast cleaning? If I go one by one checking if it's being used... pff... I would prefer to delete all and rewrite all strings... both methods looks too tedious for big projects... Ideas? Any other reasons why my project loads are so slow? (got more than 50 pages, recipes... alarms) Or any way to release the project file size? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the link and sorry for a repeated post.
  4. Hi I was wondering if it's possible to connect two NJ controllers (using Sysmac Studio) through a W4S1 Ethernet port switch so I could monitorize variables by using one as slave which could visualize a certain number of variables from the master. I'm checking W506-E1-15 NJ_NX-series CPU Unit Built-in EtherNetIP Port User's Manual but I can't anything for the moment. Thank you
  5. Hi I'm not versed in code (ST or VB) with timers, I work on a NJ101-9000 and a NA5 as interface with Sysmac studio. I just need a counter that goes on whenever a bit is true (work on) and goes off when bit is false. The counter would show working Hours and Minutes on a Display control on HMI. Also store the counter variable with Retain attribute on the NJ101 memory and reset whenever desired. Thanks in advance   Made it quite simple almost all on ladder diagram.
  6. Using structures in NA5

    Hola No he profundizado en tu problema. Pero yo he tenido un problema, sino igual, similar el cual no me permitia asignar variables del controlador en una receta. Lo que hice es crear una estructura idéntica en el hmi que funcione de puente entre las recetas y la structura del controlador. Lo que yo hacia en el codigo vb de las paginas era un metodo "AssignFrom" para pasar los valores de una estructura a otra siempre que el nombre de las variables en ambas estructuras fuesen los mismos. Suerte   PD: I hope it's ok for the admins if I write in spanish since he seems to be from Spain too. I can translate to english If necessary.
  7. As far as I know, no... unless you specify the value on the "message" for each alarm. Or you could create your own alarm popup.
  8. Short question: Can I somehow export one proyect image resources from a HMI NA5 to a system folder or another proyect? If so... how?   Edit: Woops made it by just copy-paste-ing from one project to another, but be sure to match the language and language order on settings.
  9. Hi, newbie question... on a NA5 HMI on sysmac studio... Can I declare a Global Variable through a Page subroutine or a Global subroutine? If so, how? Theres no such thing as: Public myVar as Integer Is it? Yes, I know I can use Global Variables window on Data. It is just curiosity...  
  10. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Finally made it to work on the NA screen in real time, I had to go from the simpliest and add things little by little. Thank you.
  11. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Hi Yes, but somehow the TrendGraph dissapears from the Page, and that's another problem I have with a real controller... so I will try it once again and check if everything is alright and if I get the same problem, post it here. Thank you I will repost soon.
  12. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    ¿I see so is not yet implemented completely?
  13. Hiya Anyone tried TrendGraph and made it to work? Silly question to start... Are these Graphs dynamic? Can you monitor variables in real time? I ask this because I tried to make it to work with no luck. This video explaining the process ( explains nothing at all. Any tips? I'm trying to monitorize variables on a NJ101 controller with a NA5 HMI.
  14. Hey From a NA5-15W101S screen, I'm using "login()" method for login procedures. However I want some control over this method and particulary to store this warning message: Store the message string into a variable so I can use a datadisplay on a personalized login screen instead of getting that warning on the bottom of my HMI. And that is another thing which I need to control. How can I prevent that warning from appearing in the screen? Ty
  15. From what I know, global subroutines do not interact with page components. So I would just assign a global variable to the button variable property you need to enable and set it to True directly with the global variable.