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I have  a project where I need to run 2 Omron Servos 1S at same time with 1:1 ratio.

I created virtual servo axis and attached my 2 physical axis to virtual one ( screenshot from Sysmac studio attached). For some reason when 1 of the axis has a fault, my whole virtual axis goes down. For recovery I need to to do GearOut and GearIn again. In one of the moments I'm losing count in my motion that cause issue later.

I believe that I'm doing something wrong.  Can somebody help me to understand how I can keep my synchronized axis all the time?

Thank you in advance!



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No way the virtual axis is going out based on the slave going to error.  You must be getting an error on the master axis.  The axes all have variables where you can see the error codes, and also can be seen in the Troubleshooting screen in Studio.

Provide more detail on your error codes and axes and we may be able to make suggestions.  But a slave axis in gearing going to error is only going to stop that one slave axis.

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