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  1. Yes. I need to have active log of events. In case if I disable Historical mode it will show me only raised events, but as soon as they cleared they will be gone from the list. In my situation I need to keep them in historical order.
  2. Hello, I have a question about AlarmViewer in NA HMI panels. I found that I can't control what type of messages to show. I have a user information messages showed on one of the screens and I would liike to illuminate one of the events that cause the event to appear. I can't find how can I show raised or cleared user alarms only. It always shows me when it was raised and when it was cleared. In example when I have auto-clear (impulse of added condition into alarm event). Any solution how to create a log for events without showing raised/cleared/acknowledge? Thanks, Scotty
  3. NX IO Unreliable?

    Did you try to replace your ECAT cable to shielded one (more industrial build, not for offices like you have)? Let's try to debug from beginning.
  4. Omron NX1P2 to C#

    pturmel said nice stuff. You can use E/IP library for .NET and your communication will be more advanced, compare to old fashion TCP/UDP styles. I'm not saying that it's wrong or so. TCP and UDP still valid and very useful communication protocols. But E/IP will be a bit comfortable and convinience. PLC won't require to do extra steps to build a message for transaction and your application won't need to parse the data.
  5. NX-ECC203 vs. NX-ECC202

    Check ebay or other vendors for potential leftover or returns. I'm still waiting for my 11 PLCs and 11 HMIs that I've ordered in Feb.
  6. Hello to everyone, Today in the morning I found that HMI freezed when I called internal function EjectSDMemory. I Rebooted the HMI and tried again, same result. When HMI freeze I can't connect to HMI via SysmacStudio, so it means that panel stop responding completely. It's first time when I see it happen in my life. I tried next ideas: From HMI screen save Alarm Log to SD Card. Called out Action on the button : SaveUserAlarmLogToFile. File Name: \SDCard\AlarmLog.csv File was not created. HMI not freezed. No error messages on the screen. Transfer User Program From Hmi - from Device System Menu. Create *.nabin file in SD Card. File was created. No issues. Call internal EjectSDMemory function that is assigned to a momentary button.  HMI freezed and became unresponsive. Test with transfering program to SD Card validated that the SD Card that I'm using is fully operational. So why it stop working from runtime? All these functions were working few days ago with no isses. I also tried to format and use different SD Card, but end up with same result when I try to operate with SD Card from HMI runtime program.   Thank you in advance!
  7. Count uptime on servo motors

    It works flawlessly.
  8. Count uptime on servo motors

    Initially I started with logic below #picture#1. But my idea was crashed after fist power reboot. photovaltaic, based on your example. I modified a bit the node to get rid off the bit using embedded tools - picture#2. I will test it and let you know soon.
  9. Hello, I need to cound uptime on servo motors. I though to use AccumulationTimer and have ET as retain. Unfortunately, AccumulationTimer resets ET after each power loss. Is it a simple way to count uptime on servo motors without making extra logic? Regards, Scotty
  10. DataTracing save to PLC without PC?

    It will be an awesome feature if I could save Data Trace to internal SD Card. 
  11. Hello, I am curious, is it possible to use Data Tracing tool to use it without PC connected to a PLC? I want to keep saving data on SD card installed on PLC while it's running on its own. I tried to use sampling trigger and wrote piece of code that enables sampling, but no luck with saving the data to SD card that is installed on PLC. What am I doing wrong?  Thanks, Scotty
  12. I thought that error state from the unit itself will be in ON state only when error is present, not when notification messages are present. Is it a way to make error fault status react only on errors not on every state change in the unit?
  13. Hi to everyone, I have a question. Why when I disconnect an analog sensor from NX-AD2204 the card sets fault bit even when I changed event level setting. I checked when the sensor goes out of range or gets disconnected the Fault bit for the unit card sets ON. I have checked troubleshooter and I don't see any warnings or faults, only status change as observation message. Anybody was able to make it working properly?   Thanks in advance! Scotty  
  14. Hi to everyone, Is it a way how I can close Login screen that appears after auto-logout? I checked default methods and it says that I need to have the name of page that I want to close. Any ideas?   Regards, Scotty  
  15. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Hi kdobsontn, VCS not gonna do the job. I do use VCS since 2014 and Omron's Version Control Explorer for last 2-3 years.. PLC softwares are not adopted to PLC and HMI software build revision to keep track which one has been deployed into a hardware. If we will have some sort of Dev-Ops system that would be able to publish/download software into hardware only from specific branch in your repository, then it will be a different story. But reality says that we can use VCS only for historical progress on programs and potential version deviations for some specific needs.