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  1. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    I do use "Team" a lot for development. One of the things. when our guys goes to service our machine, they might need to know what PLC and HMI program revision is currently loaded to the machine. In other development apps such as Microsoft Visual Studio I can use special conditions to create my build revision after each production build. I save that I can do project revision when I am working with local project, but it's not loading this information to PLC/HMI. I want to have available PLC and HMI program revision available on the main screen for visual understanding what version of the program is loaded to the machine.
  2. Hi to everyone!   Our company is planning to build >10 same machines. Some features will be developed later down the road. And here I'm facing a problem where I need to start tracking PLC and HMI program build revisions. Has Omron any internal tools to generate program build revision? Regards, Scotty
  3. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Never had this type of problem. I'm a guy who likes to use strucs in advanced mode all the time. I always transfer my important strucs into global, then map to HMI and communicate to child objects using "." delimeter and everything works fine. It's not super fast on parsing variables, it's true.  Can you make a screencapture on how you do these steps? Will be interesting to see it.
  4. Perfect. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. What do you mean 'lite' axis? Can you share a manual where it says what commands require motion control and which not require? I was trying to find same information for a while and can't find exact answer except of couple sentenses where says that if you want to use cam/gear in/ follow / group / multi-axes interpolation motion then you need to use motion control. Sysmac studio toolbox's showing same list of available functions If I change PLC from 0 control axes to 2 control axes and it's a bit confusing. 
  6. I was warried that I would get some limited communication with servo amplifiers or have some lagging when I need to trigger 2 axes at same time or else. 
  7. Hello to everybody,   I have partially stupid question, but it's confusing sometimes and I was not able to find full answer on it in manuals. I know that you need to use Motion control axis when you need to have some type of multi axes interpolation. But in case if I have just independent axes that needs to be operated at same time, collect torque data, etc. could I just use single-axis position control axis or not. I do not see what kind of restrictions I will be facing when I use single-axis position control vs motion control axes anything except group/cam axes interpolation. Can I in example to operate 2-4 individual servos at same time using single-axis position control axis or not? Basic NX102-9000 comes with 4 single-axis position control axis, that should be good for me, but what limitations I will have compare to NX102-1000 if I do not need group/cam interpolation.    Regards, Scotty
  8. NA HMI: Datatype not updating

    How you did assign the structure from PLC to HMI before?
  9. NA HMI Read a file from USB

    I believe I have found the solution. System.IO.StreamReader or System.IO.File.AppendText
  10. Omron 1S Servo

    Sysmac Studio iteself has nice visual explanation on how the homing works with different methods.
  11. Hello, I have an idea to read a text file (txt,xml,csv, etc.) from USB on NA HMI. I did small research over internet and NA terminal manual, but was not able to find any information how can I read a file using VB script on NA HMI panel. Is it anybody tried vb scripting in way to read a file or data from USB stick connected to HMI panel?   Thanks in advance!
  12. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    The most strangest thing is that below is the example of one of our projects on bitbucket. The single merge was done manually on local machine.Engineer #2 was trying even to hard reset to his own commits and it did not solve the problem.When back in the days it was working just fine. I can't understand why, because repository is just a smart file storage.      
  13. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    Yes, I do bitbucket.   I've tried to pull the project before merge, have same issue.
  14. Hello! I got into a situation when one of engineers from our team experience an issue with team development repository. Everything was perfect up to some point and worked well as it should. Last night after last "pull" from the repository he got a fault message in his SysmacStudio (picture below). I have checked this repository: I created new blank copy of this repository on my workstation and the project started without any issues. Anybody experience this issue before? Seems to me that it's some weird issue with SysmacStudio. Both work stations have same SysmacStudio versions   
  15. We do use repository and git. You can get a license for Team Development feature. Per sysmac documentation you should use git and TortoiseGit as a UI tool. In my case I use SourceTree, because who care what kind of tools you will use for UI. Unfortunately, PLC doesn't have any tools for UnitTests or else to validate correct functionality.