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  1. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    The most strangest thing is that below is the example of one of our projects on bitbucket. The single merge was done manually on local machine.Engineer #2 was trying even to hard reset to his own commits and it did not solve the problem.When back in the days it was working just fine. I can't understand why, because repository is just a smart file storage.      
  2. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    Yes, I do bitbucket.   I've tried to pull the project before merge, have same issue.
  3. Hello! I got into a situation when one of engineers from our team experience an issue with team development repository. Everything was perfect up to some point and worked well as it should. Last night after last "pull" from the repository he got a fault message in his SysmacStudio (picture below). I have checked this repository: I created new blank copy of this repository on my workstation and the project started without any issues. Anybody experience this issue before? Seems to me that it's some weird issue with SysmacStudio. Both work stations have same SysmacStudio versions   
  4. We do use repository and git. You can get a license for Team Development feature. Per sysmac documentation you should use git and TortoiseGit as a UI tool. In my case I use SourceTree, because who care what kind of tools you will use for UI. Unfortunately, PLC doesn't have any tools for UnitTests or else to validate correct functionality.
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    HMI feature: 1. I want to upload batch of images. 2. I should be able to assign image to a button or other control by typing a name/resourceId, not just dropdown with bulk of images. Or they need to find a way how user can group them to limit access to group of images. Current implementation is annoying.
  6. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    Rockwell support sucks! They became useless when you try to fix their own software. But they are ok when a question is about how to find smth (button, tool, manual) or how to install/uninstall their crappy expensive software. I've finally fixed this issue!  Go to Registry Editor in your Windows.  \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics Create DWORD value key "DisableHWAcceleration", set parameter to 1
  7. MC Test Mode was interrupted

    Found, my ethernet port on ethernet switch was about to die.
  8. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    1. Can I monitor Local Variables? - In watch table type in your Program name - dot - local variable name: <Program name>.<Local variable name> I didn't work with CX programmer, can't help with it 'cuz I dont know how it looks like in CX Programmer.
  9. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Thanks, I did install Sysmac Studio to new laptop and totally forgot about this option. It's silly that they don't do this variable set by default, lol :) Thank you!
  10. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My SysmacStudio doesn't do this thing for me. lol Here is the video if you want to take a look. 2021-03-15_13-28-33.mp4
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I got to the point that I tired from one thing. Every time when I need to rename a variable, I need to use variable manager and do it carefully. Because if I have variable with number in the end (bTest1, bTest2, etc.) and want to shift the numeration then variables don't behave well. In this case I need to do it step by step and do update after each step. It takes unnecessary extra time, when it should be automated and I should be able to rename a variable straight from global variables table.
  12. PanelView 800 Recipe Management

    figured out. If somebody interesting in: Recipe on PV800: You can create new recipes only from CCW software. Load L5X v.>31: Open *.L5X in any NotePad editors. Find SoftwareRevision and change value to SoftwareRevision="31.00".
  13. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you check output from the function block? Go to differential monitor and look for MC_MoveRealtive4.Busy; MC_MoveRelative4.Active. If Busy and Active come TRUE, it means that block executed the command, then look for a data that goes into the function block.
  14. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you try to check is your execute bit ever coming up? MC_MoveRelative4.Execute. Run differential monitor for execute input and busy output of MC_MoveRelative4. And try to change distance from number => REAL#5.0
  15. MC Test Mode was interrupted

    nope. All programs with motion commands were detached from the main task.