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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Just checked the groups in global variables. Honestly, looks good, except 1 thing. When I have enable filter, selected specific group then try to create variable in this list. This variable shows in the selected group, but as soon I unselect the filer, this variable goes to "NO GROUP". It means, all variables that you create by default go to global with no group selected even you have selected group. Will be great if I will have additional information row with group name for the variable or when I create a variable when filter is enabled and group is selected, then this variable goes to this group.
  2. Thanks! I will try to mess up with 1 set of cables.
  3. Thank you! As I can see in the manual, Omron doesn't offer any sort of extension cables for Servos 100V/200V up to 400W. My current application uses 2x 100V 400W servos that needs to be disconnected for quick replacement by customer request. I thought that worst case scenario we need to use a short cable, cut it and make a wall-mount connector on face of enclosure with servos. 
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    PLC: 1. Ability to see all global and local unused variables in SysmacStudio.  2. (same as I have before) Will be nice to be able to create different global variables tables. It will help a lot to organize I/O, variables that related to different stations, etc.  HMI: 1. When I update IAG library using same name and having next build version. I want automatically re-assign all my IAG components that I'm already using in HMI to newer version without corruption the UI components that already used on HMI pages.
  5. Hello to everyone! Our company is trying to make a quick disconnect for motors that connect tp servo amplifier R88ND-1S. As I know Omron doesn't have any options to do it or make an extension cable. Does anyone tried to cut the cable and make custom connector? If yes, could you share your experience? I'm afraid of having issue with encoder count. Thank you in advance! Scotty.
  6. Sysmac Studio 64 Bit vs 32 Bit

    Where I can download 64-bit version?
  7. Hello,   I have  a project where I need to run 2 Omron Servos 1S at same time with 1:1 ratio. I created virtual servo axis and attached my 2 physical axis to virtual one ( screenshot from Sysmac studio attached). For some reason when 1 of the axis has a fault, my whole virtual axis goes down. For recovery I need to to do GearOut and GearIn again. In one of the moments I'm losing count in my motion that cause issue later. I believe that I'm doing something wrong.  Can somebody help me to understand how I can keep my synchronized axis all the time? Thank you in advance!  
  8. Hello, I have a project where I need to synchronize 2 servos. I use GearIn command to sync this servos. I created 1 virtual axis and attached my 2 physical servos to virtual one. Based on application logic I need to stop sync servos when count from sensor reached max value. To stop the servos I'm using ImmidiateStop command. For some reason stop point for this servos variate based on servos speed.    How I can improve my stop point?      Thanks!
  9. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Maybe it will sounds weird, but check antivirus as well. I can't do online edit while my realtime scan is on.
  10. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Maybe somebody already said that, but will be really nice to be able todo next few things: 1. Enable/Disable specific section inside of POU program. For now I can only enable/disable while POU program, but not sections inside. 2. Will be great if I would be able to create separate global variables table. It will help to organize our variables in a group. In this case you can open your table with variables and see all variables related to this group. For now I use structures for grouping variables.
  11. Hello! I have a project where I need to use Allen Bradley PLC, it might be one of CompactLogic series. In scope of the project I need to transfer few real values to DirectLogic PLC that installed on customer side. DirectLogic PLC has installed ethernet card that support Modbus TCP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols as it says on automationdirect website. I start looking for Allen Bradley PLC that support Modbus TCP or TCP/UDP protocol and did find clear information. Could you help me to find out a way how I can pass the data to directlogic PLC from CompactLogic?   Thank you in advance!   Regards, Scotty
  12. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Are you downloading this product 9324-RLD200ENE - Studio 5000 Mini Edition ESD Software?
  13. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Why in my case it takes additional 3Gb for additional version of Studio5000? Something weird is going on here. Can I ask to tell me what installations you used?
  14. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Could you tell me please what I need to install in this case?  I do download 9324-RLD200ENE - Studio 5000 Mini Edition ESD Software with different versions. I checked when I installed another version and it says 3.7Gb.
  15. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Thanks everyone for reply! Does it mean that I need to install multiple versions and keep them? Ohhh. I have SSD 250Gb only. I calculated that each installation takes me 4Gb, when I tried to switch from C to D drive, then software said that it will install into C ~3.5Gb anyway what I'm saying and only rest data goes to D.  if I need to have ~10 versions it means that I need to have >40Gb of space just to cover 10 versions. I don't know why AB decided to go this inconvenient way for developers. Ok, we have what we have. I see as option, it's install required option for PLC firmware, upload data from PLC, then FLASH it to newer version and convert program to new software version and upload back to PLC, then I can avoid populating RSLogix5000.