CJ2M-CPU35 interrupt inputs

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In my PLC settings I have tab I/O module, there I can set interrupt inputs. There is no info if I have to add some hardware to do that or not

Can you explain that. 

I think I need CJ1W-INT01 added on left of CPU, but is not clear





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You can use CJ2M-MD211 which is to be installed to the left of the CPU, as mentioned by Jay, for interrupt inputs that are configured from PLC Settings.

Alternatively you can use the CJ1W-INT01 that you've mentioned, which is to be installed on the right of the CPU. For this unit, you configure the interrupt function through Ladder program (using MSKS instruction).

If I were to recommend, CJ1W-INT01 will give you easier wiring since it uses screw-terminal blocks. For MD211 you need to have 40pin MIL connector, then convert it to terminal block if necessary. Omron sells those additional connectors as well, or you can make one.

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