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  1. CP1L autoonline

    As I wrote i did tick OFF and ON and nothing changed
  2. CP1L autoonline

    Hi I can't find IP of PLC. I tried to use below procedure but still no success. I attached printscreens and I don't know how I can get mentioned IP 169.254.XXX.XXX . I did as Myomron suggested - tick OFF and ON "Disable The direct Ethernet"   Any clue?    
  3. CX Programmer only

    Hi,   On remote PC I want to install only CX programmer to have temporarly access to PLC. Does Omron has such a version to connect to PLC CP1 series without installing whole CX ONE. I heard that some student version has this feature   thanks for info
  4. O thanks - it is exactly what I wanted.  When I write code in event associated to %I1.0 - simply set M95 when I1.0 is going down I should write ladder as first line or second line in attached picture
  5. More than fast treatmant I expect quick Acquisition of inputs to be sure that even short signal is collected    
  6. PLC is old one, but I need to add one feature, Signal can be very short and when I get it I want to stop auto mode. I am afraid that signal can be so short and skipped by normal input. How I can set input as an interrupt input. I read that PLC has events processing and it can be triggered by " inputs 0 - 3 of position 1 module, on rising or falling edge"  - in first slot I have card TSX DMZ 64DTK. ( 32 inputs and 32 outputs) is it true ? -  and how I associate it. Maybe I create new Events and as an input I use f.e %I1.0  or I configure it somewhere?   thanks for help     
  7. NT2S-SF121B - old and new firmware

    I am trying to find a solution to my problem but till now no success. Now I have old HMI -  NT2S (NT2S-SF121B-E   V2.00C   Driver 06.00E) connected to R88A-MCW151 From Old HMI I uploaded api using NT2ST To new HMI - NT2S (NT2S-SF121B-E   V2.10A    Driver 06.00D) I connect using NTXS 1.04 only I made code migration and it is probably done correct - If you have time and programs please verify - Unfortunately, when I connect new HMI I don't get any prepared screen Thats why I have some question In NT2ST communication is set as HostLink C200H What PLC model should I set in NTXS - I set some "H" model  I don't see C200H. Polish Omron support wrote me that NTXS doesn't support C200H - is it true? Connection cable - pin out, between HMI and MCW151 should be the same in both HMIs?
  8. Panasonic FPG-C32T2H - E45

    Hi, I have PLC with Error E45. I am not very familiar with Panasonic and in manual, explanation is not very clear for me. Any help appreciated    

    Hi I wrote some code to calculate AVG value - what I needed. It can be useful for others. I attached FB for AVG calculation. trigger is just a flag when calculation should be processing. If last parameter - "work_without_timer" is OFF, "trigger" starts values counting with interval parametrized in parameter "TimeH_value" - BCD #1 = 10ms. parameter "work_without_timer" =1 makes calculation when "trigger" changes values from 0 to 1 ( DIFU) Parameter 'Samples Quantity" indicates how many samples are used for average value calculation "D-Stack_memory" - indicates memory area used for store previous samples. &120 means that samples are in D120, D121, D122...D129 ("Samples quantity" =10)  "Analog value"  is a value used for AVG calculation. Attached FB uses samples in WORDS WITHOUT SIGN Output AVG_value is a average value from last 10 ( in this example) samples   regards AVG_calculation.cxf

    Hi, I need to average values from analog input and I wanted have parameter with quantity of samples and set cycle time for data collecting. I realized that AVG counts only every cycle. Maybe you already made some FB - average function with parameters indicate above and you can public here?
  11. Hi Old NT2S-SF121B has a problem with key and we decided to exchange to new NT2S-SF121B. With old HMI I could only connect via software NT 2ST ver 1.3C and I was able to upload application. Using NTXS ver 1.04 I couldn't connect to old HMI. New HMI I can connect only to NTXS ver 1.04, but I can't connect to old software NT2ST.  Finally original application I have with extension *.HMI from NT2ST, but for NTXS I need file with *.pzm. Is any way to connect to both HMI from the same software - maybe I need some special version of NT2ST or NTXS?  The only way to migrate application from old HMI to new one, is to rewrite HMI code from NT2ST to NTXS? thanks for clue  
  12. Hi   I am working on Alarm history display and I use Event Display for that. I faces 3 problems:   How I set width of message column - Why it is so wide on attachment Is possible to set event display history when trigger goes from OFF to ON only  ( I don't want to see when it came from ON to OFF) How I can clear Event display in offline Simulation. When I will download API to NB I can set Event history clearance, but in offline simulation ?   Thanks for clue Pawel
  13. Origin Search ORG reversal

    I have wired, configured  PLC and using ORG I have behavior: direction CCW and when proximity is ON after while I get signal from z -phase and stop and get origin.  My setup is as below. I would like to get behavior: direction CCW, when proximity is ON, change direction to CW and go back. When proximity is OFF I get signal from z -phase and I get origin. In manual there is such option - "Detection Metod" - Methd 0. - I think When i set this option drive goes CCW and even it reaches proximity it sill goes CCW until get limit sensor. What wrong I do?  
  14. Function block and INI inside

    Hi I noticed problem that I cannot use INI inside FB. It supposed to look like attachment. Whatever parameters I set CXP inidcate error
  15. High speed counter and Output ON

    I wrote - it is CP1L-E Anyway if I make code !SET 100.01 in Interrupt TASK 04,  I get output ON immediately, right?