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  1. Origin search - different position

    Yes I have 2 input signals, but "origin input" comes from Servomotor encoder's and it is phase-Z input; I cannot change physically any distance between origin proximity and origin input or I don't know how to do that.    
  2. Origin search - different position

    This is a link   and origin search starts from page 256 (pdf 290).   Thanks for your time
  3. Origin search - different position

    Maybe you are right, I am not very familiar with that. From page 254 mentioned manual there are descriptions of each searching method, but for me it is hard to choose the most accurate. Maybe someone who uses Omron and these searching method can write sth from his practice?
  4. Origin search - different position

    I used method 2, because I wanted to have better accuracy as you see below Now you suggest to change to method 1. - OK, I can do that, but why manual say sth. different?    
  5. Origin search - different position

    What do you mean two-phase homing operation. I connected smartstep2 and PLC as it is in manual W450-E1-02  - page 232. I have 2 more axles in this project with smaller motors 400W and there I don't have any problem with home position - similar origin search method. Some speeds only are different  
  6. Origin search - different position

    Hi I have servo motor controlled by smartstep 2 and controlled by PLC with pulse output. Origin search I have set as below Sometimes I have problem with correct home position. Normally when original Input signals become ON drive slows and after 1 cm I have home position due to slowning ramp, but somtimes drive stops immediately on the edge of original input sensor. I have no idea why it is like that. Maybe you can advise sth or get some clue thanks in advance for any help
  7. CJ1M - upload and rung error

    Hi, I faced strange thing. From working PLC I uploaded code and in few places I have such a error What can be the reason of that - it is uploading . I use CX programmer 9.78 and original code was written in much older Cx programmer What to do to get right code?   thanks Pawel      
  8. CP1L autoonline

    If I know IP address I can connect without any problem, but sometimes IP is unknown for me and Middleware solution would be useful for me. Did you investigate how to switching off such a blocking?  
  9. CP1L autoonline

    I decided to check it on other PC, and it is working as it should. The same system win7 64bit, the same software Problematic PC has a problem to get second IP IP 169.254.XXX.XXX.  No switch, direct connection. Do you have any idea what global network/windows settings can block it?
  10. CP1L autoonline

    As I wrote i did tick OFF and ON and nothing changed
  11. CP1L autoonline

    Hi I can't find IP of PLC. I tried to use below procedure but still no success. I attached printscreens and I don't know how I can get mentioned IP 169.254.XXX.XXX . I did as Myomron suggested - tick OFF and ON "Disable The direct Ethernet"   Any clue?    
  12. CX Programmer only

    Hi,   On remote PC I want to install only CX programmer to have temporarly access to PLC. Does Omron has such a version to connect to PLC CP1 series without installing whole CX ONE. I heard that some student version has this feature   thanks for info
  13. O thanks - it is exactly what I wanted.  When I write code in event associated to %I1.0 - simply set M95 when I1.0 is going down I should write ladder as first line or second line in attached picture
  14. More than fast treatmant I expect quick Acquisition of inputs to be sure that even short signal is collected    
  15. PLC is old one, but I need to add one feature, Signal can be very short and when I get it I want to stop auto mode. I am afraid that signal can be so short and skipped by normal input. How I can set input as an interrupt input. I read that PLC has events processing and it can be triggered by " inputs 0 - 3 of position 1 module, on rising or falling edge"  - in first slot I have card TSX DMZ 64DTK. ( 32 inputs and 32 outputs) is it true ? -  and how I associate it. Maybe I create new Events and as an input I use f.e %I1.0  or I configure it somewhere?   thanks for help