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First post in this forum - hope I'm not duplicating topics.....

I've had prior experience with Siemens S7 Tags for I/O allocation - how is it done for the M340/Unity setup please ie how do you assign a physical address (say %I.0.1.5) to an input in the program? I imagine it is somewhere in the 'Configuration' section where I have defined all the modules??

I find the standard help quite hard to follow and find what I'm looking for - anyone have any better documentation.

Also I am feeding a quadrature encoder output into a high speed counter module - any tips/examples of suitable program structure to use?

Thanks for listening....



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Here is a screenshot of where you enter the tag name and address. You do this in the elementary variables section. If you have a lot of tags to create, then create the 1st one in unity in the elementary variables and select the tag then right click. Then export selected tags. Export to a txt file. You could open this in excel and populate everything quickly there and then import the files by right clicking on variables & fb instances and selecting import.

Regarding the high speed counter, what is the part number of the card?


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Hi cHud


Excellent....thank you for speedy reply - I guess there may a few more basic questions in the near future....

As to the HS Counter - provisionally BMX EHC 0200

Are there inbuilt FB's for this operation



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Here is a quick video displaying the basics. 

and attached is the user manual. Also in unity search they show some info regarding the card. 

Youtube also has some videos regarding variables and how to create them in excel etc.



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