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  1. Hi All Been trying to change the column width of an LD Section (is this possible?) Currently there are 11 columns - I would like a few more if possible In Tools -> Project Settings -> Program -> LD there is an option 'Number of Columns' - whatever I try and change it to it sticks at 11 At the same location there is a setting for 'Cell Width' - Single, Double, Triple which works fine Circles again..... Regards
  2. Agreed was only because its going to take a month or two to purchase the license through the organisation.....
  3. So how clever is the Vijeo software? If I uninstall then re-install will I get another 21 days?
  4. Aha....licensing...thats it! I've had this software more than the 21 days. Doh..! Thank you...been going round in circles here...
  5. Thanks for the quick reply cHud... When I right-click the 'project' in the Navigator window of Vijeo, both the 'Start Simulation (Build)' and 'Download to (USB)...or...(Ethernet) selections are greyed-out...   Any clues there?   regards...
  6. Hi All Thanks for the reply cHud...but I am using Vijeo Designer SP7 which looks to be a lot different to XD... Attached is the screen on power up on the HMIG3U touchscreen...I'm not sure what it is asking. Its saying 'Download the system from your editor?? Very not sure what this means..... And do I connect via Ethernet or USB...or use an SD card?? And if USB - front or rear port? I have tried them all! I have used the Runtime Installer successfully over Ethernet from PC to HMI....   So close but.....   Regards   Andy
  7. Hi I am using a P342020 together with a HMID642 Magelis Panel. Using Unity Pro I have successfully downloaded a program to the CPU via USB. The HMI Panel powers up into 'Initial Start Mode' and is asking me to 'Download the system from your editor.' How is this done? How should the ethernet connections be made? between PC (with Unity Pro and Vijeo), M340 and HMI panel and where do I set all the IP addresses? I guess there is documentation somewhere but couldn't find it...! Regards   Andy
  8. Hi cHud   Excellent....thank you for speedy reply - I guess there may a few more basic questions in the near future.... As to the HS Counter - provisionally BMX EHC 0200 Are there inbuilt FB's for this operation   Regards
  9. Hi   First post in this forum - hope I'm not duplicating topics..... I've had prior experience with Siemens S7 Tags for I/O allocation - how is it done for the M340/Unity setup please ie how do you assign a physical address (say %I.0.1.5) to an input in the program? I imagine it is somewhere in the 'Configuration' section where I have defined all the modules?? I find the standard help quite hard to follow and find what I'm looking for - anyone have any better documentation. Also I am feeding a quadrature encoder output into a high speed counter module - any tips/examples of suitable program structure to use? Thanks for listening.... Andy