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Hello everybody,

I have a question about homing servo motors. I have a project with new servos from Omron and I would like to know what is the best way to do homing for the servos and how often. Before when we have servos with encoders I was making special homing sequence and was calling by some event. I heard that new servos from Omron pretty smart and remember own position without batteries. So with this 'new generation' of servos what is the key to keep machine robust, easy for motor replacement without useless programming stuff.



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Can you be more specific?  I assume you mean the 1S Series servos, as it does not need a battery for absolute encoder operation.

But your question is not clear.  How to home?  What controller are you using with the servos?  How often to home?  How often does your machine lose the home location or how often does it need to be corrected?

Your questions are application specific, and you provided no details about the controller or the application.

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