Retentive DATA for Mitsubishi Q00J

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Good Day sir,  can some one help me please on how to Save "D0" value on Mitsubishi Q00J series it seams that when ever I shut down the system it keeps resetting all the data that has been stored while it was working.


Thank you in advance for your help



I am using GXworks 2 ladder Program and

GT Designer 3 for the GOT1000 where I input the data on "D0" and transfer it on the PLC Q00J

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In the settings for the memory on the Q Series, you can set which addresses are backed by the battery.  There is a range set by default and you can just use those, or you can change the range.

I don't have GX Works2 in front of me so can't tell you which screen it is on, but it is PLC Parameters.

Pretty sure this still applies to the little Q00J, but I know it does to all the other Q Series.

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I have tested this on the Q00JCPU before and can confirm it works- In GX Developer/ IEC Developer proceed as follows.

-Double click on your CPU.

-Locate the 'Device' tab.

-Look for the data type you require (in your case the D Registers).

-Across the row there will be a 'start' and 'end', so in your situation you would start with '0' and complete the end of your range as required. There are 2 fields you can adjust (the later CPUs can clear the 2nd range with the Latch Clear switch). So you can use either.

-Complete the form- 'check' then 'end'.

-Download the parameters to the PLC.

-To test this works- open your data entry monitor and write a value into D0.

-Reboot the PLC (either powercycle or PLC Reset).

-Check the contents of the Register D0 have been retained.


An alternative to setting these static ranges- Is to use 'R' registers or 'ZR' Registers (increased memory range and may not be available for the Q00J).

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thank you sir for the information and i worked well sorry if i posted this late. thank you once again

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