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  1. E71 Read Only?

    Hi Colin, What Mitsubishi software are you using? From memory- the early versions of the Mitsubishi Software (GX Developer/ IEC Developer) don't have read and write controls. You may be able to configure read-only access on the SCADA system.
  2. Connecting Danfoss FC102 VSD's to Profibus

    Hi koelkommer. So you have added the 2 nodes your profibus configuration- good. You need to save your configuration and download to the PLC. From memory- these GSD files have different "PPO Types". I think before I used "PPO Type 3". This provided x2 16-bit variable outputs. I think there was also x2 input 16bit variables which had the status bits inside.  All I then had to do was write the commanded speed into the second Data register (16 bit). It should be as simple as that. Here I attach the links to Danfoss resources. Let us know if you need any further info. Profibus addresses can be defined via dipswitches or via inverter paramaters. Regards Daniel   It was as simple as that. 
  3. S7 300 Hardware Configuration - Simatic Manager

    I believe the answer to this to be a no.... However you have 2 possibilities here: - 1. Create 2 SIMATIC Projects, load the respective project into the PLC as and when you need to 2. Create your Project with all relevant nodes (so compile your project with a full list of hardware)- you can then use System Function SFC12 to "disable" individual nodes, then you can "enable" them later when required. Using this method will stop the CPU calling a fault OB and moving the PLC to stop mode.   Let me know what you think.   Regards   Daniel
  4. Diagnostic of profinet communication

    Hi there. Please see attached link.   Regards Daniel.
  5. S7 300 BF blinking and SF

    It sounds like you have a disruption to atleast 2 of your networks (or not configured). Check your Diagnostic Buffer for further information     Regards   Daniel.
  6. IM151-1 issue

    Hi Sango. Are you writing to defined I/Q addresses? From what I can see in your Diagnostic Buffer, you are experiencing IO Access errors, can you post your HWConfig? for the 2 IM151 modules and their respective devices. Also remove the Calls in OB1, reset your CPU and check all diagnostic lamps go out (BF1, SF on CPU and LED on ET200). Let me know what happens   Regards   Daniel
  7. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    Here is a defined Topology   Regards   Daniel Topology.pdf
  8. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    Hi Dunc. In terms of hardware- you have a few options (again, I know this hardware is obsolete but is readily available cheap and reliable). The A-Series does support Profibus-DP via the A1SJ71PB92D module, this allows cyclic communication as a slave or master (Profimap or DP Configurator is needed if you plan on running as a master). On the Siemens side- you could simply use another 300 CPU (for example S7-317 2PN/DP). This way you can convert Profibus DP to Profinet IO Please be aware the A-Series Hardware only support a tranfer rate of 32BYTES, however in Mode E you can get another 32BYTES (so 64BYTES in total). If you want further help in setting this up or picking the hardware, feel free to let me know, maybe provide more information on the amount and types of data you want to transmit.   A Series 1 (Profibus) <---------> (Profibus) S7-300 CPU (Profinet) <----------> (Profinet) PCS7 System A Series 2 (Profibus) A Series 3 (Profibus)   Regards Daniel.  
  9. GX Configurator-AP Software

    You should contact your local Mitsubishi Electric vendor.     Regards Daniel
  10. Hi gerdam. Welcome to the forum, what is your communication method? Could it be that the path you are trying to use has been reset to default addresses and settings due to the low battery fault? Try connecting directly using the Modbus or Modbus Plus port....   Regards   Daniel
  11. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Hi Blackd50.   Firstly, welcome to the forum. If memory serves me correctly- the file you should be working with is a .dp2 file. Please clarify- so you need to "upload"? (from the PB92V) or download (.dp2 file to PB92V), either way- you need to set the initial head address and communication path in order to exchange any level of information in the Configurator-DP software.       Regards   Daniel
  12. Ricardo. You should start a new thread for this or use the search functions. See here: You can also "upload" EDS file via RSLinx Classic, otherwise you can set up the module with "Generic Ethernet Module" and use the instances attached inside the link. Otherwise it should come in the attached CD-ROM included with the sale of the Robot.     Regards Daniel KUKA KRC4 EtherNet-IP 2.0.pdf
  13. find password

    Hi Emre64. As others will also tell you- discussing methods to find or circumvent passwords is against the rules of this forum. May I suggest you contact your machine distributor to discover the password the legitimate way.   Regards Daniel.
  14. Hi necat. Firstly, welcome to the forum. From memory- I had this before; and I fixed it by simply upgrading the cmpare tool. What version are you using? The most recent version is v7.10.00   Regards Daniel
  15. S7-300 & SSD Crash

    Hi fLaXx.   Firstly welcome to the forum. Yes this is totally possible. If you go online with your "earlier version", inside the block container you will see small green/ orange circles- this tells us that the blocks are inconsistent (ie the block in the PLC is different to the offline project). You can simply then right-click on the block and click "upload from device". Once all your blocks are green- your program is consistent.     Regards Daniel.