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Simulation of PID block in GX Works2 [Resolved]

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Hello, I am trying to simulate the PID block in GX Works2. I have the project setup for use with a FX3G PLC, I am unable to get any form of output from the block when setting it up.

I am using the FXCPU Structured programming manual pages 414-417. My first question is, is it possible to simulate this block? 

Below is my current setup, I have assigned D500 to the parameter values, this uses D500-D528 to store the parameters.

Target value set to 100 and Actual value set to 10(The actual value wont change, I just wanted to get some output change in response to the PID trying to achieve 100)

S3(D500) set to 100ms

S3+1 bit 5 set to 1 (required to set the output upper and lower limit)

S3+3 set to 10000(again purely looking for any response just to confirm it is working)

S3+22 set to 32767 (output upper limit setting value)

S3+23 set to 0 (output lower limit setting value)

So thats my current setup, thanks.



Solved: I downloaded some sample code of PID fro mthe mitsi website, this particular filw was labelled PIDFx_100 and it contains a program labelled "SimplePID" this is what I used.

I needed to import the library in my current project to allow me to select this function block, after some minor changes I was able to simulate with no problem at all. If anyone reads this and wants any help feel free to message me and I will reply when I can.


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Could you help me to implement the PID simulator in GX Workx2?

I require the file PIDFx_100 that you say , and how did you import the library in order to select this function block 


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