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  1. Hello there, I currently have some code that will control a powerflex 525 inverter over ethernet. I can send it a speed reference and to start/stop etc. The file that is being written to for a speed reference is N41:2. The file that is read for speed feedback is N42:2. Now i have found this listed in an ethernet comms manual for the drive, however i cant seem to find any other information that I can read from the inverter. I would like to read the amps and the torque from the drive so I can data log and display on the screen. I was hoping someone here could point me in the direction of a full list of all the N-files available to read from a powerflex 525 drive as I am struggling to find it. Also worth noting that I am using a micrologix 1400 PLC with explciit messaging in rs logix 500 to communicate with the drive. Thanks to anyone who can help me.
  2. Hello, I am trying to simulate the PID block in GX Works2. I have the project setup for use with a FX3G PLC, I am unable to get any form of output from the block when setting it up. I am using the FXCPU Structured programming manual pages 414-417. My first question is, is it possible to simulate this block?  Below is my current setup, I have assigned D500 to the parameter values, this uses D500-D528 to store the parameters. Target value set to 100 and Actual value set to 10(The actual value wont change, I just wanted to get some output change in response to the PID trying to achieve 100) S3(D500) set to 100ms S3+1 bit 5 set to 1 (required to set the output upper and lower limit) S3+3 set to 10000(again purely looking for any response just to confirm it is working) S3+22 set to 32767 (output upper limit setting value) S3+23 set to 0 (output lower limit setting value) So thats my current setup, thanks.   Solved: I downloaded some sample code of PID fro mthe mitsi website, this particular filw was labelled PIDFx_100 and it contains a program labelled "SimplePID" this is what I used. I needed to import the library in my current project to allow me to select this function block, after some minor changes I was able to simulate with no problem at all. If anyone reads this and wants any help feel free to message me and I will reply when I can.  
  3. Issue Reading AD card buffer memory GX works2

    Oh boy do I feel silly :/ you are correct, I have been looking at the FX3U-4AD-ADP instead of the FX3U-4AD manual. I now have proper software setup and everything is reading/writing values fine.
  4. Hello, I am using an FX3GE-24M PLC with two modules, an FX3U-4AD and a FX3U-4DA.  My problem is regarding the FX3U-4AD (havnt moved past this to the other module yet) is I dont seem to be getting any changes in the buffer memory for input 1 when I apply a 4-20mA signal to the input. I am using GXWorks2 and this is the code I use to specify current input on the 4 channels- see pic1. Then I use the code in Pic 2 to mov the values from the buffer memory to a "working area" - see pic 2 I have been unable to add the extra intelligent modules to my project, I only seem to have one option which I have no idea what it is and doesent seem to be related to any of my modules. I know in GX developer you need to add each extra card but I see no where I can do this here. The pic of the box/options I have when i select *add new intelligent module" are seen in pic3.   I have been using the FX series manual to get the correct code for this but I think It must be something to do with not having the modules specified in the project as I have followed the manuals instructions. Any help is very welcome, thanks.
  5. Running a FRD700 Drive Over Comms

    Thank you very much Gambit, much appreciated.
  6. Running a FRD700 Drive Over Comms

    Hello, I am going to be doing a job using an FX3G-24M PLC and an FRD700 invertor. I am wondeirng how I send a setpoint and run/stop signal to this invertor? What bits of what words to I need to toggle to run this invertor. I have experience with Mitsi software and plcs but i have never had to setup a drive with comms. I am also using an FX3U4AD and a FX3U4DA. I will being using structured ladder as it is easier to break up the code in this manner, any advice or help on setting up the analogue cards would be helpful too, Its been a while but I remember it being a bit awkrard having to use head addresses and extracting data from buffer memoery etc. Thanks in advance for any help givien.
  7. FX3U CPU comparing floats

    yes, will this work when using floats/reals? Also how does it read the instruction? For example i would read [D< D100 D102] as if D100 is less than D102 then the instruction would be true. Is that correct? Thanks for the help.
  8. FX3U CPU comparing floats

    Hello, I am currently using some floats/reas in my code that i would like to compare such as >, <, >=, <=, and = . The instruction I am using at the moment is [DECMP DX DY MZ] which dos work. I find this to be harder to read and follow than using [> DX DY]. The m bit MZ  will go high when  DY < DX MZ+1 will go high when DY = DX and MZ+2 will go high when DY > DX. So my question is this; Is there an inctruction I can use to compare floats with simply one instruction ie the [> DX DY] format? Or am I limited to using the DECMP when working with floats? Thanks.
  9. ASCII Comms issue

    Yep I thought that was the case, this was a big help thanks again.
  10. ASCII Comms issue

    Hello again, I have made changes to the code to what I think is a more logical sequence of events. My only question now is, I want to wait until the buffer is clear before I perform my write instruction again. I am not sure how to do this, Is the a clear buffer "done bit" I can use and will that work? Or should I check the buffer for characters again before I go back to my write instruction. Here is a picutre of the current structure. Also just FYI the timer T4:14 Is flip flopping with another 1s timer so atm the write instruction will be perforemed every 2s regardless of anything else.  
  11. ASCII Comms issue

    Thank you for your help I will give this a try!
  12. Hello, I am having a recurring issue with a system using ascii to tranmist weighing data. The system will work but every few days there will be a random erroneous value input as the current weight reading. The plc then seems to "freeze" and can only be reset by going online and clearing the erroneous readings from the strings as well a the string reply from the terminal. This is all new to me and I think the problem lies with the structure of "write, read and extract" I think I may be picking up part of the reply string I do not want. The following is the reply string I recieved "   0.0    27.0kg     1   54732>^M^J<000010-01-0007:08   01    2  " what this should be is " <000010-01-0007:08   01    2     0.0    27.0kg     1   54732>^M^J " The strign seems to have been split in two, this is a problem as to extract the weight I am counting "x" characters along the string and then extracting what i need. I need that string to be sent unfragmented as I think this is my problem. I have a attached an image for the current instructions I am using to receive the string, I write a command to the terminal, check the buffer and the read in the string. I then extract data from the string. Any help is greatly appreciated.    
  13. FX PLC Multiple ladders possible?

    Thanks for the reply, it was in simple mode. I have changed the project type now to allow multiple ladders but when I compile i get error F1028. It doesen't seem to like the D7999+. Now i know you can change the range under tools and then device/label automatic setting but you can only go up to 7999 on the d registers. What changes do I need to do to be able to compile this? Would really like to be able to make multiple ladders if i am able to but it might just be less hassle to just work with what i have.
  14. FX PLC Multiple ladders possible?

    Hello there, I am doing some changes to an existing program and found that it is currently just one huge ladder of 5000+ rungs. I seem to be unable to create a new ladder to split up the code I will be writing. My question is, is it possible to have multiple ladders as you can have in siemens and allen bradley? Am I restricted to the one ladder? It is an fx series plc and i am using gx works2. Thanks.
  15. Hello I am trying to set up an inverter fr 800 to work in PLC mode, I know how to get it into this mode but when I try to change the parameter P414 it gives me "er 4" this error means that their is a parameter write error. Is there some other parameter that may be preventing me from changing this one? Thanks in advance to all responses. EDIT: Just after writing this i have solvd the problem, parameter 77 was set to 0 allowing writing ONLY when the invertor is in stop. Changing this to 2 allows changes at any time which allowed me tro change what i needed. I will leave this here in case it helps anyone else in the future.