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  1. Software for GOT800 Series

    Thanks man, very useful tip !
  2. Data Log Not Saving as CSV Help

    You are absolutely right, thanks !
  3. NT Support Tool Ver 4.87

  4. NT Support Tool Ver 4.87

    It works ! Thank you very much for this fix !
  5. Restart button GT Designer

    You are so right !!! Why Mitsubishi does not correct this ? Or even display a message saying that ... Very disappointed from Mitsubishi, which made me lose one day fighting with it. Thanks Glavanov
  6. Ladder in yellow color?

    Absolutely agree 
  7. fx3ge & got hmi 1455 ehternet communication

    Thank you man !! You saved my day ! I have been looking for this the whloe day, I was just using the wrong port ! With FX3-ENET (right sided module on PLC) it is port 5551 to 5555 on GT Designer3. With FX3-ENET-ADP (left sided module on PLC) it is only port 5556 on GT Designer3.   Cheers
  8. Accessing specific bits in a word.

    Thanks man, exactly the right answer that I was looking for ! Perfect :)
  9. is it possible to upload the full program from the terminal station to a Windows PC ? (using sub d25 to d9 crossover cable then d9 to usb converter) I have read it's possible to upload 'data sets' (which basically means recipes) but i did not find anything for the whole project stored in the terminal operator. Thanks in advance guys,
  10. Simulation of PID block in GX Works2 [Resolved]

    Well explained here, have a look :
  11. Simulation of PID block in GX Works2 [Resolved]

    Please send the file you're talking about. Thanks in advance,