Issue changing IP address of a Q03UDECPU

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Hello, I am trying to change the IP address of the plc mentioned in the title. I am using GX Works2 and in the project tree I navigate to the PLC Parameter option which displays various tabs and settings for the plc. I select the tab called " Built in Ethernet Port Setting " this then displays an ip address setting box with " IP Address " " subnet mask pattern " and " Default Router IP Address " 

They are currently set using     and Respectivley.

This all works fine and communicates etc, my problem arises when I want to change the IP address to, when i try to end the window it produces a popup notification saying the following;

" Incorrect setting value for IP address

Please set withing range of to "

So is there someway to allow the IP address I want to set it to? Or is there some kind of limitation on the address I can use on this plc? 


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Strange. Works fine here.




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If you have enabled the "IP Packet transfere setting" you get the error.

You have to check if your application can run without this setting.



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